Wonder Tours

We design experiences of Leisure and tourism that are characterized by offering innovative proposals for those people and entities that look for a unique, familiar and memorable experience in the city of Madrid. Our tours and experiences have that magical and special touch that will not leave you indifferent.

Our activities are guided by local professionals strongly rooted and with knowledge of the city of Madrid, its local culture, people and idiosyncrasies. We give a lot of importance to the human treatment. At Wonder Tours we are proud to say that we offer experiences that have a low impact on the environment and that stimulate the local economy of small and medium businesses. We offer memorable, unique, family and innovative experiences with a touch of magic and adventure. We care about your people and your team, making your time with us a safe experience that enriches and strengthens relationships with the people you really care about.

Our purpose is to transmit the essence of the city and the people of Madrid in a unique and unrepeatable way so that you have a true local experience, taking you away from the conventional routes and introducing you to the adventure of living like another Madrid citizen during your visit to the city. You will do so with the help of real people who have lived, sucked and breathed the city for many years. We are passionate about the experiences and the power they have in changing our perspective and way of seeing the world. We believe in adventure and the power of human relationships as tools towards a better and more human world.

We want to be your host in Madrid and therefore we are constantly looking for new places, routes and experiences that surprise and amaze you. We take you away from conventional routes so that you can get to know our home in a more authentic and familiar way. Getting to know new places and people opens our minds and allows us to live happier and fuller lives. Take care of yourself. Dare and contact us to make your experience in Madrid something unique and unrepeatable.