What will it be like to travel after the Covid? Sustainable tourism and technology

The Covid-19 pandemic hit everything, but with tourism it was ruthless. That there is a crisis in this industry can have serious effects on the economy because globally tourism generates one out of every 10 jobs.

Photo: Hesthaven

One of the reasons why this crisis occurs is because the travel system, until today, is based on mass tourism. This dynamic causes large concentrations of people to congregate in a few destinations, which generates a strong impact on ecosystems and is also inequitable with the communities since it is co-opted by large, mainly foreign companies.

What must the travel industry do to recover from Covid?

Natalia Bayona, from the World Tourism Organization, analyzes the challenges of training and the needs of global tourism; Francisco Madrid, director of Cicotur Anahuac, talks about the national industry and the economic effects of the pandemic. Natalia Lever, director for LATAM of The Climate Reality Project highlights the environmental impact and sustainable adaptation of this industry. And finally our travel reporter, Doménica Díaz, and technology reporter, Gabriela Chávez, analyze the future of tourism from the travel process and its relationship with technology and how automation and cyber security processes and the standardization of robots and crypto-currencies, among other things, were accelerated.

Author: Giovanni Mac, Expansión