Enotourism joins in with a strong commitment, collaboration and sharing its knowledge in the middle of a crisis that shakes the travel and tourism sector like never before.

At the invitation of the Makers Programme of the World Shopping Tourism Network and in the midst of the unprecedented scenario that is keeping the world at a standstill, a group of wine tourism experts from the institutional and university worlds, renowned wine producers and consultants from the sector joined forces in April to create a working group that would combine knowledge and experience in the search for solutions and specific proposals applicable to any wine cellar and wine tourism destination, under the new reality.

As a result of the three lines of work that have been developed, the Valorisation of Enotourism, as a relevant and transversal economic axis of the territories where the wineries are located, mostly rural environments; the Communication through clear messages that give security and confidence according to the new expectations of the tourist and The elaboration of relevant Proposals and Recommendations that can be applied by any winery or establishment, regardless of its size or geographical location and under the guidance of the OIV and the UNWTO, a webinar has been organized for Tuesday 22nd September where the different speakers will explain the innovations that the wine tourism sector has had to face in order to adapt to the new reality.

This initiative counts on the participation of speakers from Argentina (Lorena Cepparo de Chandon), Chile (Irene Gimeno /Enotourism Chile), Spain (Beatriz Vergara/González Byass; Zaida Semprun/Director Consultant of Makers Programme); France (Catherine Leparmetier/Great Wine Capitals Global Network), Italy (Roberta Garibaldi/University Lecturer, Nicola D’Auria/Movimento Turismo del Vino). The session will be moderated by Mariette Du Toit-Helmbold/Consultora Destinate and the final conclusions will be made by Sandra Carvao, Director of Tourism Markets of the UNWTO.

Makers, is a programme of the World Shopping Tourism Network, whose main objective is to bring together food producers from the five continents who offer immersive tourism experiences with the help of the protagonists, owners or processors, with a marked cultural identity. Wine and wine tourism experiences are part, together with other products such as OVES, cocoa or coffee, of these agri-food products which make the tourism experiences in the destinations where they are grown unique.

World Shopping Tourism Network, managed by Global Journey Consulting, is born in 2016 in the framework of the UNWTO Affiliate Members Programme as a forum to channel every action, project, information and suggestion that supports and improves the development of shopping tourism and the tourism industry in general. In this space, professionals, the tourism and trade industry, public and private institutions and academic centres can make use of a platform to generate, disseminate and request specific knowledge on shopping tourism in order to take advantage of the enormous potential that tourism and trade offer for destinations thanks to their capacity to relate to other sectors.

Author: GJC