Uruguay is a global trend in tourism by 2020

In recent hours our country was highlighted by its offer slow, architecture and gastronomy by British travel agencies, which joined the recent distinction of Lonely Planet.

Photo: Jorge Salazar
Photo: Jorge Salazar

Once again Uruguay is chosen among the 12 countries in the world to visit in 2020, this time the recognition was made by the Association of British Travel Companies (ABTA), to be included in the “Travel Trends Report 2020”, which contains a report “12 destinations to see in 2020”, sources from the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) informed THE REPUBLIC.

On 26 November, the Association of British Travel Companies (ABTA) published its report entitled “Travel Trends Report 2020” which includes the list of “12 destinations to see in 2020”. Uruguay is included.

The list is completed by 11 other places in the world: Basilicata, Chicago and Lake Michigan, Georgia, Granada, Madrid and its neighboring cities, Morocco, Namibia, South Korea, Singapore, the Netherlands and Vienna.

In reference to Uruguay, the publication highlights Art Deco architecture, Montevideo’s cafes and restaurants, as well as several tourist sites such as Colonia del Sacramento -Heritage of Humanity-, Punta del Este and Rocha. Also, reference is made to tourism in estancias and to the high quality of the meat produced in these estancias.

“Uruguay is one of the smallest countries in South America, but it has a large amount of land. The capital, Montevideo, has elegant Art Deco buildings, cafes and restaurants. La Colonia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a small and charming cobblestone city, also heading to the elegant seaside resort of Punta del Este and the coastal city of Rocha, in a spectacular landscape of sand dunes and rocky cliffs. Free your inner cowboy or cowgirl in Tacuarembó and stay a few days at one of the nearby ranches. Uruguayan cattle are also raised to very high standards of welfare and will eat beef of the highest quality they have ever had, and their wine is of the highest standard with a trip to an essential winery,” the report states.


A strong theme with the 2020 destination options will be the less crowded or less visited countries that offer a great deal. Georgia, Grenada, the Netherlands, Singapore and Uruguay have a very diverse range of experiences that offer the most demanding travellers an attractive holiday in a short period of time.

The sector’s trends for 2020, according to ABTA, have to do with a greater attraction to slow tourism or “slow trip” where the tourist seeks to reduce the pace and experience destinations in a deeper way living genuine experiences and positively impacting the local community. At the same time, the tourist seeks information and the possibility of purchase through multiple channels and personalized attention, which requires technological updating.

Meanwhile, the report points out that “the future of aviation is shifting towards electric airplanes, as technological advances and growing demands for more sustainable modes of travel have turned the concept of commercial electric flights into a very real perspective for short-haul travel.

Strong support

ABTA currently has more than 1,200 members and brings together more than 5,000 points of sale. As reported on its own website, each year its members earn over £39 billion in tourism sales, and 90% of holiday package sales in the UK are made through its members.

Uruguay among the 10 best destinations to visit in 2020

In this framework of good news for tourism in our country, let’s remember that during the World Travel Market (WTM) fair in London, which was held between 4 and 6 November, Uruguay Natural received through the Undersecretary of Tourism, Benjamin Liberoff, a distinction from the tourist publishing Lonely Planet to be included among the 10 best destinations to visit in 2020.

In the Best in Travel list, Uruguay is defined as an “oasis of stability and tranquility”, as well as innovative in terms of its laws and respectful of the environment and the promotion of sustainable tourism. The tourism editorial, which has 13 million followers worldwide, recommends visiting the Atlantic coast, Colonia de Sacramento and know the country’s gastronomy and viticulture.

“But the best memory that the traveler takes with him is that of its people, relaxed and simple, and that of the subtle but profound beauty of its landscapes, from the elongated and indomitable Atlantic coast to the immensity of the pampas,” he says in another passage, where he proposes to venture into unforgettable adventures for the traveler.

Within the framework of the WTM London Liberoff presented the main tourist attractions, events and gastronomic and winemaking traditions, in addition to the benefits designed for non-resident tourists: Zero VAT on hotels, discount of 10.5% on the cost of renting the hotel, refund of VAT on gastronomic services, catering and car rental without driver, as well as Tax Free on purchases of products in participating stores.

Author: Republica.com.uy