Travel Loop

Travel Loop is an innovation company specializing in tourism management that focuses its activity on research and technological development of advanced solutions for the sector. (R+D+i) Creates competitive platforms based on the efficient administration of systems.

It is a backoffice tool that allows the complete management and invoicing of the entire sales process of the travel agency. Time, resources and administrative processes are optimized. It is designed by and for travel agencies, regardless of their size.

Pursuit Vnext:
It is the self-reservation tool that allows the automation of tourism management: online sales and marketing. Access in real time to the best rates available for all products: flights, hotels, cars, trains, insurance and own product.
Multiplatform, multiGDS and multiprovider and the integration of B2B, B2C and SBT Channels.

Travel Manager System is the self-reservation tool to be implemented in the company itself. Multiplatform, multiGD, multiprovider and multi-agency.

It is the online platform for the creation, promotion and marketing of experiences and tourist packages both own and third parties. It is aimed at tourism managers and promoters who wish to promote any type of destination, association or activity, and encourage the recruitment of tourism products.

CRM Travel
The software to optimize to the maximum the opportunities of sale of your business and to provide to the clients an unbeatable service. Manage the database of your contacts to take advantage of their maximum performance, automate sales tasks and carry out marketing campaigns to achieve a completely personalized customer service.

Our success is based not only on our products, but also on the consulting service, permanent advice and customer service.

We all know that technology is constantly evolving and anyone who does not know how to renew and adapt will become obsolete. Having been in the market for so many years offering the latest technology in the tourism sector is a symptom that the company works and that it knows how to manage its resources and opportunities.

The desire to continue reinventing itself, to bring new technological products to the market, to evolve with the reality of tourism is what has allowed the company to be consolidated as a trusted technological brand.