Focused on the offer of known brands, both on an international and national level. These brands are mainly located in commercial centers and emblematic streets of some cities.

Choosing a country for Shopping Tourism is a decision related to the products and offer of both national and transnational brands. The known brands, variety, quality and new experiences a city offers to its visitors are also considered as an added value for the selection and liking of the place the tourist seeks.

In this context, Shopping Tourism today constitutes an international activity in with the motivation that brings people to certain places the most is the acquisition of products that are accessible, of multinational brands and that count with a novel character, according to the requirements of the season. The travellers buy articles for several reasons, from not finding something in their place of origin to it being simply more economically accessible.

In any case, Shopping Tourism forms part of the strategic themes of a nation due to being an important factor of economic growth while being an outstanding element among the tourist offer. Therefore, to boost tourism demand and become a tourist destination for purchases of transnational products, the commercial industry in each region must be more competitive, by the means of a connection to international markets to have a varied commercial offer, with big multinational brands, as well as good products typical for the destination, accommodation, gastronomy, culture, health, security, wellbeing and leisure that allow to consolidate an image and tourist destination suitable for all the visitors.

In this sense, the dynamic of buying and selling flows positively for companies that produce goods and services that have an international scope. The markets offer their products at the lowest cost given the high production and state-of-the-art technology that produces articles of better quality. Likewise, they focus and motivate the attention of the tourist in his buyer mode. The merchandise established in several countries is easily located by tourists in the areas that are part of the tourist route such as: commercial centres, emblematic places, accommodation, parks between other spaces considered destinations of Shopping Tourism.

Therefore it’s important to understand that a good percentage of people seek to acquire luxury or high range products, usually in relation to big international brands. some of that aspects these tourists search for in the goods and services they demand are the maximum comfort, quality, fashion, exclusivity, discretion, authenticity, elegance, known brands, high and popular culture, premium activities, innovation and others.

In this sense, part of the offer of transnational products can be considered as high range or luxury, many of which are determined by the experience lived by the tourist, who needs to add an unrepeatable emotion to it, experience definitely being the essential object of travel.