Tourism is the Brazilian sector with the highest growth online

A consulting company, specialized in marketing and e-commerce, has conducted a study that analyzes the 200 largest virtual sales websites and 15 sectors that make up the e-commerce scenario in Brazil.

In July, e-commerce in Brazil reached the mark of the third best month in history, with up to 1.29 billion accesses.

Photo: Biazi

The aforementioned study shows that the tourism segment was the sector that grew the most last July, with an increase of 29.6% over the previous month.

In the accumulated of the other sectors, the growth of e-commerce was in general quite timid, around 1% in the last 60 days.

Other sectors with relevant growth were: Sports (+11.15%); Imports (+5.95%); Fashion & Accessories (+5.84%); and Footwear (+4.51%).

Up to 86% of Brazilians connected to the Internet made purchases during the pandemic.

Among the channels that most influenced the decision to buy and sell, Google was the channel that most influenced the consumer to decide which product to buy.

In second and third place are Instagram and Facebook, with, respectively, 46.45% and 46.15% of the responses.

Tik Tok, the most talked about social network in recent times, influenced very little; only 4.44% of Internet purchases, on the same level as radio.

Author: Expreso