Tourism begins to arrive in Los Cabos

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur – After the arrival of three cruise ships to Cabo San Lucas in the morning and noon on Monday, hundreds of tourists descended to port leaving with their stay an important economic spill in various activities and purchases in local businesses.

Photo: Claire Ward
Photo: Claire Ward

Jose Eduardo, supervisor of well-known company of tourist activities mentioned: “it is very pleasant the arrival of the tourism, today three cruises arrived, and the majority of the crew went down to consume and to leave currencies to our destiny, the high season begins to be seen little by little.

“The only regrettable thing is that some people who do not even pay rent to offer activities, stand in front of our entrance and want to win the tourist; the good thing is that from the cruises they recommend visitors to hire the services with appropriate companies and duly registered to offer a quality service.

Between screams and whistles, the main pier is full of tourist service providers, offering rentals of rides to the Arch, rides on ATVs, guided tours of downtown Cabo San Lucas, among others no less important.

“The Bank of Mexico estimates that a tourist spends between $60 and $90 in the port, January-April 2018 were attended 218 thousand cruise passengers, and in the same months, but 2019 were 241 thousand tourists, so it is expected that for the first quarter of 2020 continue to increase the visits of travelers who decide to get off the ship to know this destination, “said the holder of API in Cabo San Lucas Fernando Hoyos Romero.

Author: Christian Zarazúa