One of the characteristics of Shopping Tourism, compared to other types of tourism, is the suitability of technical solutions that allows the interaction with the actors that intervene throughout the circuit of this type of tourism. For this, the development or adequacy of tools that allow a convenient communication and favor or benefit the shopping made by the traveler is necessary.

Despite the transversality of Shopping Tourism with other types of tourism and actors that participate in this activity, the new technologies and Shopping Tourism have become two actors that develop jointly and in a parallel way.

Photo: Charles
Photo: Charles

Mobile applications, virtual visits, the use of social networks or online shopping systems and services are already essential resources for propitiating the shopping and experience of the clients-tourists-users.

In this context, it becomes necessary to develop new tools that allow to respond to a client in an increasingly specialized way. Clients such as the digital tourist who uses the new technologies, especially the mobile phone, to resolve all the aspects related to their travel, specifically to the shopping they make or want to make, and especially to the lived experience.

This digital tourist is a tourist informed through specialized social networks, while being a great prescriber of the destination and the tourist offers they find on their trip.

Photo: Lukas
Photo: Lukas

Because of this, Global Journey Consulting, in collaboration with important technological companies, proposes to integrate solutions that proposes to integrate solutions. This at the same time can be known and used by tourist destinations, tourism companies and institutions and tourists, through different means, among which the big global showcase that the World Shopping Tourism Network signifies stands out.

Some easy tools that allow the constant connectivity (Wi-Fi) of the tourist while allowing the institutions to access large information (Big Date) connected to important social networks and therefore having big communicative impact (Chatbots-Journey) and of payments of products and services. This aids the improvement of the experience of the client (for example the use of virtual and augmented reality), of vendors, tourist actors, etc., while gaining loyalty and even giving credibility and certifying the experience (images) the tourist transmits, all this through the use of technologies based on Block chain.


Chatbots take over the travel industry. As told by Travel Report (study by Kayak), 50% of Spaniards have used some sort of chatbot in the sector. The key to this phenomenon? Creating engaging experiences.

Gus Chat specializes in designing and developing tailormade chatbots focussed on your clients, we get to know your audience because, we don’t know just automate, we aim to simply any process or operation.


Company specialized in VAT refunds for foreign tourists (Tax Free). Originally Spanish, it is present in major European countries, in which, besides ‘Tax Free’, it also provides marketing and communication services.
Our Tax-Free service offers all the administrative and accounting procedures related to VAT refunds to brands and retailers free of charge.

INNOVA TAXFREE GROUP is continuously developing new tools and technological solutions that provide the means of communication between retails and tourist purchasers.



PrioMarket is a Marketplace targeted to destinations in order to aggregate all attractions in the same technology. PrioMarket provides resellers with their products in a seamless customer experience using the Prio API set.

The client can set pricing and start selling without the hassle of managing.


6DLAB aims to digitally transform big companies but also society, creating disruptive products and innovative services using last trends in: AR, VR and MR.