These are the new buying habits that come from the hand of innovation

When everyone points to the virtual segments of sale and purchase, hand in hand with the different variables of e-commerce and omnicanality, there are large companies that bet on physical establishments.

Photo: Kelvin Koh
Photo: Kelvin Koh

Such is the case of the Chinese company JD, which will open a physical establishment in the next few days.

This is the company’s largest store, built on an area of 50,000 square meters and equipped with the latest technologies available. Called ‘JD E-Space’, it is located in the city of Chongqing and will feature the fifth generation of mobile phone technologies (5G).

The new space aims to offer unique and immersive experiences, allowing customers to fully interact with innovative and intelligent products from more than 1,000 brands. Its assortment ranges from electronics, appliances and digital accessories to health, fitness and beauty products and office supplies.

In particular, it brings experimental shopping to the category of electronics and appliances, allowing consumers to touch and try in the store, and then shop online.

It also features some innovative areas of brand experiences, such as Apple’s largest offline store, Microsoft’s first smart home experience area in China, GE’s first omnicanal appliance store in the country, and Ninebot’s first physical experience store.

The store also features dynamic price tags to ensure that store prices are aligned with online prices, QR codes for consumers to place instant orders, and robots to guide customers and present products.

After experimenting with products in the store, consumers can scan a code to purchase them and have JD Logistics deliver the items to their homes, usually within 24 hours, or they can complete their purchase in the store and take them with them right away, said America Retail.

“JD’s retail strategy is to integrate online and offline retail, allowing customers to buy what they want, when they want, where they want,” says JD’s Offline Business Manager, Zisheng Yang. “Equipped with the most advanced technologies and cutting-edge products, JD E-Space offers consumers not only the convenience of shopping, but also an immersive and interactive experience,” he adds.

Author: Iproud