The tourism industry and the impact of the Covid-19 Scenarios and proposals

This study prepared by the WSTN team and directed by Antonio Santos del Valle, presents the conclusions on the impact of the current SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic, which produces the disease known as Covid-19 and, its impact on the tourism and commercial industry, while proposing a set of actions after the recovery of the current situation

Access to document: GJC The tourism industry and impact Covid-19. Scenarios and proposals

Photo: Pille Riin Priske
Photo: Pille Riin Priske

This work, which began at the beginning of March, has made it possible to present different scenarios for the recovery of the industry according to geographical areas (country-continents). According to the researchers, this situation could develop from September 2020 to February 2021.

Likewise, an assessment has been made of the new behavior of international tourists, where the relationship between tourism, health and safety is highlighted.

The study also presents solutions for activation and improvements in the tourism industry, divided into practical solutions and other recommendations addressed to institutions, companies and improvements in the financial, commercial, administrative and communication fields.

In this new scenario in which the world in general and tourism in particular have not been free from the emotional impact caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the indicators indicate that after this situation, the identification of tourists, the procedures to facilitate travel and border crossing, the safety of passengers, their health and the prevention of countries from possible threats coming from abroad, need innovative, safe and sufficiently useful tools with a massive reach.

In this case, the purchases and expenditure made by tourists brings benefits to local social and economic development through the acquisition by tourists of Products with a Cultural Identity, facilitating the creation of new tourist offerings, in turn enhancing economic and social financing and investment projects, as well as creating stronger links for the international promotion of the cultural values of these territories, thus promoting economic and cultural integration between regions and their territories through communication, promotion and marketing of local creative, cultural and craft industries in a global and interconnected world within the concept of the Orange Economy.

Leaders in the tourism sector will face daunting challenges for which traditional trade and communication tools do not offer solutions. Offering excellent experiences or services at a competitive price to visitors and travelers is no longer enough. Nor is it enough to design a clear business strategy and put in place a structure capable of advancing the entire organization in a coordinated and coherent manner.

The mission for effective communication will be to develop and establish integrated marketing platforms (promotion and communication) around a narrative world (unique story) of their products, destinations and culture, created to achieve better positioning and awareness of destinations and products, increase influence among audiences and improve traffic and audience in communication and promote and increase ROI and ROR of brands and institutions.

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Access to document: GJC The tourism industry and impact Covid-19. Scenarios and proposals

Author: Antonio Santos del Valle. Global Journey Consulting