The State of Guerrero and its Potential in the National Tourism Sector

One of the countries in the world that is captivating everyone is Mexico. Its millennial architectural monuments, its paradisiacal beaches and its tasty typical dishes are some of the wonders that the crowded country offers, because according to the World Tourism Organization (WTO) is the sixth country that registers greater visits.

Photo: Jahir Martínez
Photo: Jahir Martínez

Also, according to the well-known American television channel, National Geographic, Mexico is the most exciting place in the world, since in the 2019 ranking it has occupied the first place followed by the Peruvian Amazon and Fanjingshan in China.

The figure amounts to 17.3 million visitors from abroad and with 235 million visitors from the interior of the country, according to the Secretariat of Tourism of Mexico. In addition, thanks to the era of digitalization and interconnectivity, is that the photos or videos that upload, tourists, to their social networks, have achieved that the country’s popularity continues to rise in all parts of the world.

Mexico has an incalculable cultural wealth that is conquering several countries around the world, because with the latest edition of Tianguis Tourist 2019, has been a success, according to Miguel Torruco, Secretary of Federal Tourism, who indicated that more than forty-seven thousand business appointments were made.

Therefore, thanks to favorable tourism growth, the local economy is improving, since today, more Mexicans have permanent jobs that can improve their quality of life. Also, the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, says that tourism is the main economic activity and therefore, is strengthening security conditions for visitors.

The paradisiacal country, has been favored, even more, by the tastes and preferences of the moment, according to the World Tourism Organization (WTO), people prefer to travel than go shopping and mostly, this group is made up of millennials, people born between 1979 and 1994.

Thus, Mexico is in the expectation of the world, its flora, fauna and gastronomy are making the visitors talk and marvel, one of the hypnotizing places is the famous triangle of the Sun, located in the state of Guerrero, formed by the port of Acapulco, the beach of Zihuatanejo and the town of Taxco.

Therefore, if you still don’t decide where to travel, Guerrero awaits you to free yourself from stress, with its crystalline waters, the sun at its point and the exquisite delicacies that conquer the palate, are the best investment that thousands of tourists are making because, in July of this year, hotel occupancy reached 85.2%, according to the Secretariat of State Tourism of Mexico.

Given the great demand for tourism and the generous diversity of activities that are possible in Mexico, a new trend known as ecotourism, known as “conscious tourism”, is being practiced in rural areas, respecting their flora, fauna and inhabitants.

The Mexican country has an unforgettable tourist offer, because the countless adventure and nature activities that will not let you go without having done at least one. On the other hand, by visiting these exotic places, you are benefiting the families who live in the communities and protect the area where they live, because it is the home where their generations have grown up.

In the northwest of the country is Los Cabos, one of the five municipalities in the state of Baja California Sur, one of the largest protected national marine parks in the world. According to Antonia Gomez, spokeswoman for TRAVELSPRING, “This place is home to the oldest living reef on the west coast of North America. In recent years it has had great success because travelers practice diving with sea lions and even bull sharks.

However, with the evident manifestations of climate instability, environmental problems are increasing in the Mexican country, so we recommend acting responsibly and consciously, because enjoy the paradisiacal wonders offered by this beautiful land, must go hand in hand with an eco-friendly culture that favors the protection of the places we visit so that in the future our generations do too.

Author: La Jornada Guerrero