The importance of colours in the brands that tourists buy

Each colour is capable of transmitting, in a sensorial way, different sensations or evocations that can affect people’s moods. Next let’s review which are those capacities that the colors have.


It is not properly a color, but the total presence of light reflected in any object. It is related to innocence and purity. Able to reflect each of the colors of the spectrum, white represents the positive and negative of each of them. This color is related to medicine, health, weddings, and so on.


Black is the total absorption of all existing colors and therefore, light, so it is not precisely defined as a color. It is easily related to power, elegance and mystery. It conveys a sense of authority and can evoke strong emotions to the point of being overwhelming.


Primary color, red is related to different feelings such as strength, courage and courage, is a color closely linked to passion and love. It is also often used to issue warnings or warnings of danger. Red is perceived as a stimulant and quantity and is directly related to energy.


Yellow is a primary color that relates to creativity. Because of its intense energy, it can be considered disturbing. It stands out from dark colours and is therefore frequently combined for warning signs. Yellow evokes pleasant and joyful sensations, childhood and positive thoughts.


Blue is usually related to freshness, spirituality, freedom and peace. This primary color is also associated with feelings of calmness that can transfer to the grounds of sadness or depression. The colour of sea and sky is also often associated with masculinity.


This color combination of different shades of blue and yellow. It is found as a primary element in vegetation and is therefore related to nature, renewal, freshness, peace and environmental issues. It is also often associated with money and the world of finance.


The result of combining reds with yellows, orange is a colour that evokes extravagance and fun. It is related to the world of gastronomy and that is why it is common to find it in the visual identity and decoration of this type of companies. It is a color that invites adventure, optimism, self-confidence, sociability and health.


The combination of reddish and blue results in this color. Among the sensations evoked by violet we find lucidity, reflection and temperance. Related to the spirituality, it manages to transmit depth, experience, emotions, spirituality, mysticism and melancholy.


Brown comes from the combination of the three primary colours and their different tonal ranges (yellow, red and blue). It is a colour related to masculinity and comfort. It is related to soil, fertility and strength. It manages to infuse tranquility, depth and simplicity.


The combination of red and white leads us to pink, a colour that is also related to femininity, eroticism and sensitivity. It is the color closest to human skin and manages to evoke innocent sensations, and at the same time to eroticism and sexuality.


It is related to beauty, opulence and religion. It is the symbol par excellence of materialism and is associated with vanity and arrogance. It is also related to goodness and its flashes evoke the rays of the Sun, so it is associated with the regency of things, masculinity and positive attitude.


It does not project the expensive image of gold, but the silver color also looks expensive: it is part of crockery, cutlery and silverware; it evokes wealth and the minting of coins around the world. The silvery sparkles of the Moon allow us to relate silver to femininity, intellectuality and, to a certain extent, melancholy.

Author: Alejandro Rodríguez Durán.