The flow of Ecuadorian tourists increases in Piura and Tumbes

Visitors from the northern country take advantage of the summer months, vacations and long holidays to visit the beaches of northern Peru, taste its gastronomy and shop in shopping malls.

Photo: Luis Flores
Photo: Luis Flores

The fair ‘Peru Mucho gusto’ seeks to boost domestic tourism in the north but also attract Ecuadorian tourists.

One of the main attractions of our country chosen by Ecuadorian tourists is the north, where in recent years has increased its arrival. “Ecuadorian visitors take advantage of the summer months, vacations and long holidays, such as this weekend, to visit the northern beaches, taste the gastronomy and shop in the shopping centers of Piura and Tumbes,” said Lizbeth Corrales, internal tourism coordinator of Promperú, told El Comercio.

Last year, 326,000 Ecuadorians entered our country. Of that number, 261,000 did so through the Tumbes border, and the rest through the Lima airport, according to figures from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur). “This figure has been increasing year after year. Ecuadorians come in the summer months, in July, August and September,” Corrales said.

This weekend will be no exception. From Friday 1 to November 3, will be held in Tumbes the fifth edition of the gastronomic fair ‘Peru, Mucho gusto’, an event that last year attracted 28,000 visitors. Of this figure, 4,200 (15%) were Ecuadorian citizens who arrived by land, through Tumbes. They come from cities such as Machala, Huaquillas, Cuenca and Guayaquil.

Dynamizing tourism

The fair seeks to boost domestic tourism, especially in the northern macro-region, but also to encourage the visit of Ecuadorian tourists. “For this reason we have carried out many promotional campaigns in Ecuador. We have gone from being a local fair to attracting tourists from Ecuador, who also take advantage to do beach tourism and buy in the shopping centers of Piura and Tumbes,” Corrales said.

He added that this gastronomic meeting, where the kitchens of the 25 regions of the country will be present, leaves S/4 million of income to the region before, during and after the event. “We are betting on recovering and making sustainable the richness of Peru’s gastronomy, with dishes and recipes that have lasted in time and that represent our regions. This year we will also promote our exportable offer, where coffee and cocoa stand out,” said Luis Torres Paz, executive president of Promperú.

During the three days of the gastronomic meeting, attendees will be able to enjoy musical concerts and artistic shows by local groups, as well as star presentations by La Gran Orquesta Internacional, Los Caribeños de Guadalupe and Amy Gutiérrez. Restaurants will also receive awards in four categories: Innovation Award, Most Loved Dish Award, Traditional Dish Award and Contribution to Sustainable Gastronomy.

It is worth noting that security will be guaranteed by the police and serenading personnel of the municipality. Peru, Mucho Gusto’ will open its doors to the public from Friday 1 to Sunday 3 November, between 11:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., at the Mariscal Cáceres de Tumbes Stadium. The entrance is free, presenting the DNI, and the plates will cost between 7 and 16 soles.

Author: Ralph Zapata. El Comercio.