The “escape” to Buenos Aires again in the sights of Uruguayan travelers

The strong devaluation in Argentina makes shopping on the other side of the pond cheaper for the thousands of travelers who visit that country every year.
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Author: Jeison Higuita
Author: Jeison Higuita

Argentina devalued strong and the dollar moves between 57 and 60 Argentine pesos on the neighboring shore. Thus, in a matter of a few hours, “the escape” to Buenos Aires is a plan that gained in attractiveness for Uruguayan consumers.

On the other side of the pond they take for granted a new inflationary upturn for the coming months, aggravated by the lack of announcements of measures that could stop the transfer of the increase of the dollar to prices.

In several commercial areas, price remarking has already begun as new lists are received from suppliers, and in other cases, high volatility is expected to be postponed in order to make decisions. The firm Chevrolet, for example, remarked on Tuesday its prices 23% as a result of the devaluation that processed the neighboring shore after last Sunday’s elections.

In any case, for Uruguayans it is a good opportunity to stroll, enjoy the gastronomy, look for prices, shop and even stay a few days taking advantage of the favorable exchange rate.

One of the first things to know before traveling is where to buy Argentine pesos. The following example presents three scenarios with 5,000 Uruguayan pesos and this Tuesday’s quotations.

If you take the dollars from Uruguay (US$ 136) and change them at the official exchange windows you will get about $ 7,200 Argentine pesos. On the other hand, if you buy the currency of the neighboring country directly in Uruguay, you will get about 7,140 Argentine pesos. If you prefer to take Uruguayan pesos to exchange in Buenos Aires you will get about 7,000 Argentine pesos.

The first option (taking dollars from Uruguay) would be the best alternative to travel to the other side of the pond, although it is convenient to do the math and check before traveling. These are days of much uncertainty and speculation, which is reflected in the screens of change constantly.

Another classic to which Uruguayans resort are the “caves” because they usually get a better change. In this opportunity it is worth knowing that several of them are not working these days. The great volatility caused the informal circuit to suspend its operations and decree a blue dollar exchange holiday, according to the newspaper El Cronista this Tuesday.

Author: El Observador