The consumer loses the fear of shortage

93% of Spaniards believe there will be a new outbreak of coronavirus this year, according to data from the third wave of the report ‘Consumption and shopping inside and outside the home during and after the Covid-19’, conducted by Aecoc Shopperview and the consultancy 40dB. Even so, 49% of respondents believe that this outbreak will be mild and will not require further confinement, while 44% do believe that the imposed confinement will return. However, 45% of those surveyed say that, in the face of new outbreaks, they will be less afraid of contagion and that they have learned to protect themselves better, while 57% believe that they are prepared to better cope with possible new confinements.

Photo: Rosa

The experience of the first containment has allowed consumers to live better with the new situation and will probably minimize the purchase of stockpiles in the event of a new containment. Only 27% of those surveyed said they would buy non-perishable products for home storage again, while 67% said they would not be afraid of store shortage this time.

“In the days prior to the state of alarm, consumers saw how the supply of supermarkets and hypermarkets was always guaranteed, despite experiencing exceptional situations, with hoarding purchases in the first few days and the unexpected growth of some categories, so it is foreseeable that, in the event of a new confinement, the reaction of buyers will be more rational and predictable,” considers Rosario Pedrosa, head of commercial and marketing strategy at Aecoc.

Despite the experience gained, eight out of ten consumers believe that stores should maintain safety protocols until there is a vaccine, and most will maintain some habits that have been acquired during the first confinement. In fact, 68% still think about going out less often to do their shopping, while 63% try to spend as little time as possible in the stores.

The Aecoc Shopperview report also points out that this will be a different summer. 49.3% of consumers say they will stay at home, 31.2% for fear of the coronavirus and 34.7% for financial reasons. Of those who will be taking a break away from home, only 8% are planning to go sightseeing abroad, compared to the remaining 92% who will be staying in Spain.

In any case, the pattern that is repeated in the majority of respondents is the decrease in spending on all items: 62.2% will reduce their travel budget, by 64.4% that will lower their item dedicated to culture.

Moreover, in the coming months, proximity will continue to be the main reason for purchase, with 60% choosing to buy in the closest establishments. Likewise, online continues to grow, with 24% of consumers stating that they will buy even more through the digital stores of the distributors, with price and promotions being the most decisive factor.

Author: Revista Aral