The average spending of foreign tourists in Spain

Spain works to increase the average expenditure per foreign tourist, mainly in accommodation, restaurants, shows, concerts, sporting events and, above all, shopping in Spain.

Many cities offer many services and luxury shops thinking of the foreign tourists who spend the most here. This is what a tourist spends when coming to Spain.

Last year, the average expenditure per tourist was 1,082 euros, with an annual increase of 2.15%.

Those who spend the most are tourists coming from the Nordic countries (more than 1,200 euros per stay) and those from non-European countries (mostly American and Asian). On the other hand, the French are the ones who leave the least money in Spain: an average of 652 euros.

The foreigners who visit us the most are those coming from the United Kingdom, followed by those coming from Germany and there are also many tourists who visit us from the Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.