Sydney is one of the busiest cities in Australia due to its natural beauty, stunning bay and historical and cultural attractions, which have made it a popular tourist destination in recent years. These particular details have to guarantee the traveler unique travel experiences in a scenario that opens to cosmopolitan life and is positioning itself as one of the meccas of tourism throughout the Indian Ocean.

Holger Link
Photo: Holger Link

One of these tourist activities is shopping, which can be carried out in malls, shops, boutiques and other establishments offering high-end and second-hand products. In this sense, the acquisition of products in the main commercial centers of the city are an experience linked to the high range and high fashion, because of the international firms that have their headquarters there and because of the quality of their services. In relation to this, the most popular malls in the city are Broadway Shopping Centre, Chatswood Chase Sydney, David Jones, the Queen Victoria Building, Mid City Centre, Strand Arcade, Sky Garden, Westfield Centerpoint, Westfield Sydney, World Square, etc., all of which attract the attention of the traveller because of their colonial facades that evoke Greco-Roman architecture, in addition to modern, spacious and futuristic structures that add prestige to the shopping experience.

Therefore, glamour and fashion are representative of the shops and commercial firms for the sale of clothing, accessories, jewelry, watches, both for ladies, children and men, as: Berluti, Boss, Brando, Calvin Klein, Celine, Chanel, Fendi, Givenchy, Gucci, Maje, Secrets, Nike, Nine West, Pandora, Prada, Swarovski, Tiffany & Co, Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, Zara, Zimmermann, among others. It is worth mentioning that some of these shopping centers offer the possibility of acquiring, at excellent prices, the famous giftcards, which are valid for up to three years in order to enjoy promotions and discount events during special seasons, such as Christmas.

One of the sectors with the greatest commercial activity is Oxford Street, a pedestrian walkway, which crosses the Paddington and Darlinghurst sectors and where the original haute couture boutiques are gathered, in accordance with the styles and themes of previous seasons, such as vintage, which is setting the trend, with the trendy articles, in addition to the glamour of the catwalks, with the fashion, both in the stores of international designers, of recognized or recent trajectory, as well as the national brands, in charge of Australian entrepreneurs: Bettina Liano, Kookai, Sportsgirl, Witchery, among others. This tour is also highlighted because it is colored by the Mardi Gras Rainbow, which evokes the struggle for civil rights of the gay community and has positioned Sydney as an LGBT tourist destination.

Other sectors that act as commercial arteries are Pitt Street Mall, Castlereagh and New-Town, which bring together the best shopping centers, souvenir shops and where you can discover retro fashion, as well as enjoy the delicious local cuisine in their restaurants, bar-cafés or other pubs. This cuisine is rich in hybrid flavors of British and Asian culture, but with the hallmark for the use of exotic meats, such as kangaroo, crocodile, buffalo, lambs, in addition to the use of fish, vegetables and vegemite, salty spread typical of Australia, to give them a unique touch. Dishes such as oyster soup with fillet, fish with lemon, stuffed zucchini, brunch (breakfast with bacon, fried eggs and vegetables), emu burger, crocodile barbecues, as well as Pavlova, cake made with cream, cream cheese and fresh fruit, are part of the culinary range to enjoy. Not to mention the Australian wines and beers, which are a favorite among locals.

For a shopping experience that is more connected to popular culture, it is essential that you head to the main markets, such as Rozelle, which functions as a flea market, where you will find everything, both top-of-the-line and second-hand, at cheaper prices than in other parts of the region. You’ll find the usual items from these popular markets at Paddington Market, Paddy’s Market, Sydney Market, Fish Market, Rocks Market and more.

However, if you’re looking for craft items and souvenirs, you can take home pieces of Aboriginal culture, especially in contemporary art galleries, such as the Karlangu Aboriginal Gallery, the SH Ervin Gallery, the Art Shine Gallery or the Sydney Tribal Centre (located in Surry Hills, York or Observatory Hill), which represent the constitution of the Australian primitive societies, both in their masks, illustrations, paintings of Australian wildlife, textiles with geometric designs, musical instruments, wooden figurines and other materials, among others.

This nation offers various attractions that point to it as an intelligent destination for the future. The shopping and luxury experience is unique in this Australian city, because it combines the brands and experiences of its natives and local entrepreneurs, which are certainly worth buying with some of its items. In Sydney, there is something for everyone and everything. The important thing is to get closer to this region of contrasts.