(Spain) San Sebastian launches a new campaign to “indulge yourself” by shopping locally

The new promotional campaign “seeks to position the city as a preferential shopping destination”.

The San Sebastian Shops traders’ association has launched a new campaign to promote shopping in local shops. Under the slogan ‘San Sebastián, give yourself the pleasure’ they aim to promote local commerce. This project, which has the collaboration of the Basque Government’s Department of Commerce and San Sebastian City Council’s Department of Economic Promotion, seeks to position the city as a preferential shopping destination, conveying to citizens and visitors the unique and different experience of enjoying local San Sebastian commerce.

In order to publicise this campaign and raise awareness of the values and qualities of local shops, videos and promotional messages will be broadcast. Various establishments in the city, such as Aitor Lasa Gaztategia, Almacén de vinos, Anehelo, Minimil, Óptica Carlos I, Paname Lore Estudioa, among others, have collaborated in the production of the videos. The video, which will be broadcast in three languages: Basque, Spanish and French, will be shown on the shuttle bus that will connect the Illunbe car park with the centre of San Sebastian and also in several hotels.

The campaign was presented this morning by the councillor Marisol Garmendia and the director of SS Shops, Iñigo Garcia, who stressed that shopping tourism goes beyond the fact of shopping during a trip. “What travellers are looking for is to visit local shops where the quality of the products is combined with the identity of the destination. Treat yourself to the pleasure of coming to Sa Sebastian and shopping in local shops. Those who are committed to sustainability and who are committed to making the city a shopping destination. Many Gipuzkoans have always done this, but now we also have many visitors from all over the world. We are returning to normality and it is a summer to enjoy and take advantage of the resources we have”, stressed the socialist councillor.

Collaboration agreement

On the other hand, they also announced the renewal of the collaboration agreement between Fomento and San Sebastián Shops. This renewal for another year involves a financial contribution from the Municipal Company of 229,470 euros. In this sense, Garmendia applauded this renewal for what it implies: “Activities linked to commerce and the hotel and catering trade represent 21.2% of the local productive fabric, and 17.3% of employment in the city. Despite what they have suffered with the pandemic, they continue to be relevant axes of the city, both for their traditional character and for their contribution to the image of San Sebastian as a city of reference services”.