(SPAIN) Luxury tourism asks the government for specific plans for this industry

Círculo Fortuny, an association that represents the industry of high-end products and services in Spain, criticizes the fact that the Tourism Promotion Plan presented this Thursday by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, does not include a specific project to attract long-distance travelers once national and local tourism is consolidated. He claims the important role of long-distance visitors for the recovery of national and European tourism.

Círculo Fortuny recalls that shopping tourism by non-EU visitors generates quality employment and leaves 90,000 million euros per year in the European Union as a whole, according to data from the international tax free operator Global Blue.

Photo: Distel

This group – made up of 56 members – points out that the document presented by the Government only mentions intensifying promotion at source in long-distance markets, but does not go into detail on this measure, and therefore proposes the creation of specific programmes for this industry, which has been seriously impacted by the health crisis and which this year could suffer a fall of around 25% worldwide.

It stresses that international tourists will be able to enter Spain again from 1 July and calls on the Executive to speed up the processing of visas and promote the opening of new air connections.

The purchase of tourism products and services, cultural and creative high value added ‘made in Europe’ moved in Spain 9,200 million in 2019, according to a study by the consulting firm Bain & Co, and its growth reached double digits.

This tourist is the one who spends more in his destination but does not have Spain and its most important cities as a priority, according to Círculo Fortuny, which causes that cities like London, Paris or Milan exceed in up to five times the total expenditure of these travellers with respect to Madrid or Barcelona.

When they visit Spain, only the amount of their purchases is around 22,000 euros, which grows to 35,000 in other countries such as the United Kingdom and exceeds 40,000 in France, according to Global Blue.

Author: HostelSur