Spain: El Corte Inglés launches its new shopping centre format

Remodel its Arroyosur facility to turn it into a great leisure and entertainment space in which, in addition, you can buy

El Corte Inglés has presented a new format of shopping centre, the MAD-FD, whose objective is to be a shopping, leisure and entertainment centre aimed at the whole family or friends.

Arroyosur - El Corte Ingles
Arroyosur – El Corte Ingles

To achieve its objectives, El Corte Inglés will undertake a remodelling of the centre of Arroyosur (Leganés) to turn it into a sort of small town. Its streets will be inspired by the neuralgic points of the capital: Puerta del Sol, Retiro Park, Gran Vía and other great streets of the capital. To this end, 150 fashion, gastronomy, beauty, accessories and sports brands will offer their products at attractive prices, although without becoming an outlet, as Eduardo Sotillos, the company’s purchasing director, has explained.

It will host fashion shows and workshops all year round, art exhibitions – it will have a specific space for this purpose – and it will be the setting for musical shows of international relevance, according to its promoters.

“It will be something anti-click that evolves and generates a second visit,” explained Pablo de la Torre, director of the project.

To transform Arroyosur into a small Madrid, El Corte Inglés and the firms present in the centre will invest 100 million euros. More than half will be provided by the brands to condition their respective premises.

El Corte Inglés will be in charge of the streets and collective infrastructures of the complex. The refurbishment work will last several months and will begin on 1 August. The current centre will then be closed, although its workers will be redistributed to other company facilities, as El Corte Inglés has explained.

The intention is that MAD-FC open its doors in April or May next year. Its inauguration will generate between 800 and 1,000 jobs.

The choice of the center of Arroyosur has to with several factors, explain from El Corte Inglés. The first, which is a very large center, 170,000 square meters, which lends itself to the project. In addition, it is a completely horizontal space, which is an advantage to project their spaces. In addition, it has large outdoor spaces and is well communicated, about 25 minutes by car from the capital. In order to attract shopping tourism, the company’s intention is to establish connections with points such as Atocha station or Barajas airport.

The idea of the distribution company is that if the model, as expected, wins, is initially exported to four or five other points in Spain as Catalonia, Andalusia or Levante. Nor do they rule out extending it to Portugal, where the company has a presence in Oporto. In any case, the company explains that it is not a format that replaces those they already have but rather a new and complementary bet for their current centers such as Parquesur, very close to Arroyosur.