(Spain) Craftsmanship from Castilla-La Mancha objects with soul and exclusive quality design

The craftsmanship of Castilla-La Mancha is a rising value in fashion and decoration.

Artesanía Castilla-La Mancha is launching several initiatives to promote these traditional techniques and give them the place they deserve in design and decoration.

In today’s world in which we are in a hurry and have become accustomed to having everything instantly, craftsmanship and handmade products have become a true luxury. Knowing that you have a unique product, because handmade products always achieve different results, that they have taken time to make and that they have been made using techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation is nowadays an added value that is increasingly sought after. For this reason, small brands and young entrepreneurs have been emerging in recent times who seek to recover the traditions of their regions, generating value in their environment. A good example of this is the Castilla-La Mancha craft industry, which has been promoting the activity of this rich sector for several years now. It has launched several initiatives with the aim of highlighting the important synergies that can be generated between the world of craftsmanship and that of design. The maxim is to rescue classic pieces and reinvent them, without renouncing traditional techniques. The aim is to go to the place of origin “where they know how to do things and where they have done them for many years”.

This quality design achieved through excellence in craftsmanship has led Castilla-La Mancha craftsmanship to participate in major design and interior design events such as Casa Decor, where we have been able to see spaces designed entirely with regional craftsmanship in both this and the previous edition; in fairs such as Marbella Design; in Madrid Craft Week Spring Edition, where craftsmanship from Castilla-La Mancha has sponsored different events; or the global meeting of heritage textile crafts held in Mallorca Xtant.

But the excellence of Castilla-La Mancha’s craftsmanship has already travelled beyond our borders, making its exclusive techniques and pieces known at important sector meetings such as the Milan Artigiliano Fair, where it participated in 2017 with its own space.

Castilla-La Mancha is rich in craftsmanship, finding authentic treasures made with patience, with the hands and, above all, with years and years of tradition. Ceramics, glass, esparto grass, leather, embroidery, iron… Each element acquires unique forms thanks to the knowledge of the artisans of this region. A centuries-old knowledge that is enriched with new designs, thus encouraging the creation of modern pieces. One of the initiatives launched by Castilla-La Mancha crafts is precisely oriented to this: the artist Aitor Saraiba from Talavera has created an innovative and contemporary design so that the region’s ceramic artisans can use it in the manufacture of their pieces.

Crafts is an important sector, which not only creates wealth or generates employment, but also provides other added values such as the quality and exclusivity of its products, in which personal intervention or knowledge of traditions is a true cultural legacy that must be preserved and passed on to the next generations. Fortunately, many of these new generations are looking for that excellence that only artisan products can achieve, the true luxury of the 21st century.

Nowadays, where haste and chain production are the order of the day, handmade objects and craftsmanship have become the true luxury in the world of design, fashion and decoration. This is something that promotes and encourages Artesanía Castilla-La Mancha even more.