(SPAIN) Amazon surrenders to Galician crafts

A brand from La Coruña of accessories, chosen by the e-commerce giant for a campaign that promotes the value of craftsmen in Spain

Galician craftsmanship has managed to conquer one of the giants of e-commerce. Amazon has fallen in love with the know-how and the peculiarities of the community’s products. And it has decided to promote them so that they are known within our borders. And even outside them.

Photo: Barrett

A few weeks ago, Jeff Bezos’ people launched The Handmade Tour campaign, a project with which they intend to promote and showcase some of the most precious places in Spain in a different way. A total of six local artisans – “living examples of the culture and art of Spanish geography”- are in charge of guiding this particular tour.

And among this select group there is also a Galician presence. Tatiana Riego, from A Coruña, is one of the companies chosen by the multinational to take part in this project. The heart of this company is a mother and her daughter, who work hand in hand in a brand that is gradually emerging, and not only within Galicia. Amanda de Riego (daughter) and Tatiana Riego (mother) support their business on two interconnected legs: “We have a brand of accessories and clothes with which we sell bags, dresses or wallets, but a few years ago my mother also started ordering personalized gifts from hotels and we decided to strengthen that part of the business as well. I was working up front and when I saw that they were starting to ask us for more and more things I decided to get involved in the company and help her”, explains De Riego. Her objective, she adds, is to offer unique, special items and at the same time contribute to maintaining the tradition of the artisan workshops.

This entrepreneur says she decided to take the plunge and hang her products in the shop window of the retail giant “a bit of an adventure”. “We had our own online sales page, but we realized that many customers did not finish the purchase, they abandoned it at the final moment. Amazon was a bit of an experiment, and in the end look how well it turned out. The possibility of having a shop within Amazon helps to generate confidence. Many times people don’t buy from an independent website out of fear, and yet with this type of partner they feel more secure. And they have managed to conquer the giant, which among thousands of artisans decided to choose them for its last campaign.

The multinational company says that Amazon Handmade was created with the clear purpose of giving visibility to a part of its business that not everyone is aware of and, above all, to give a hand to the little ones. “In our catalogue we have more than 2,000 Spanish craftsmen who sell more than 80,000 products”, says Ana Herrero, Director of Consumer PR for Amazon Spain. As the spokesperson for the giant explains, the aim is for SMEs to continue to see them as a partner with which to continue growing: “At heart we both win. They, because we provide them with the logistical support, the name and the trust of Amazon. And us, because they provide us with a very special product catalogue”.

Author: S. Cabrero, La Voz de Galicia