(SPAIN) 77% of national tourism confirms its intention to move around Spain

Given the limitations of going abroad, Spaniards could spend up to 16 billion more than in 2019 in the domestic market

The experts give a huge role to domestic tourism and local destinations in the imminent stage ‘post Covid 19’. According to the specialized consulting firm DNA Tourism and Leisure, which has consulted more than 1,000 respondents about their consumption intentions, 80% maintain their willingness to travel and an overwhelming majority confirm that they will move around Spain (77%).

Emilio Garcia
Photo: Emilio Garcia

At stake is no less than 32,000 million euros, the expenditure made by the Spanish in 2019 in almost 174 million trips – 650 million overnight stays – with domestic destination (90% of the national issuing market). Moreover, given the limitations of going abroad, Spaniards could spend up to 16,000 million more in the domestic market, since this was the amount they spent last year on trips outside Spain.

“In 2020 the Spanish will travel through their country in their private vehicle (60%) and accompanied by people in their close circle, there is an absolute rejection of travel type ‘tour’ by the risk of infection to meet with strangers and the fear of going in groups. The study was carried out by Francisco Javier Castillo, Managing Director of DNA and coordinator of the study ‘Intention to buy tourist products. New consumption habits”.

The destinations that are overcrowded or where the health conditions are in doubt will be placed in the queue. Price continues to be an important aspect when choosing a destination, but “it is not the primary factor at this time; safety and health have come to the fore,” stresses Castillo, who tries to guide suppliers, intermediary channels and destinations on the consumption intentions of the national tourist.

By shortening the routes and feeling at home, more than 85% plan to organize their trip independently, collecting the information themselves (web, social networks…). The preferred destinations, according to DNA, are Andalusia, the Balearic Islands and Valencia. Among the three regions, they bring together more than 50% of the preferences. Therefore, the concept of sun and beach continues to triumph: 80% of them opt for open-air spaces such as beaches or nature experiences.

With regard to duration, nearly 70% maintain the days of rest planned before the health crisis, and only 8% think about fragmenting the holidays. 30% still hope to be able to get on a plane to get around.

Author: Diari de Tarragona