Shopping Tourism: Panama Targets Costa Rica

In order to attract tourism from Costa Rica, in the Panamanian province of Chiriqui they have invested in the construction of new shopping centers and the expansion of some existing ones.

In addition to plans to modernize the border crossings between the two countries, whose works will favor the transit of tourism, businessmen estimate that in the construction and renovation of shopping centers, Chiriqui has hoarded investments in excess of $500 million.

Businessman Felipe Rodríguez told that “… We are talking about more than 500 million dollars in investment in shopping malls that can attract shopping tourism from Costa Rica to Chiriqui.

Rodríguez added that “… The 500 million dollars come from investments made by several shopping centers such as Terrazas in the Panamericana, Galerías, Federal Mall which is the largest, and also the expansion of existing shopping centers such as the Chiriquí Mall. All this investment leads us to think about the need to implement a strategy that allows shopping tourism.

Other investments expected by the tourism sector is announced by the Hilton hotel chain, which plans to open a new hotel in the city of David, which will enhance the attraction of visitors to the area.