Shopper Experience: Five tips to help boost post-quarantine customer care

The world’s health crisis is forcing millions of companies to adapt to a new digital ecosystem in order to meet the needs of their customers. In this way, some limitations have arisen related to the way in which quality customer service is offered, especially in a context in which, in addition, the requirements governing the new normality must be met.

According to Helmut Cáceda, president of the Peruvian Chamber of Electronic Commerce, Capece, during these days of confinement, e-commerce achieved a significant growth of 400%. However, some time later, the Institute for the Defense of Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property, Indecopi, registered around 6,012 complaints from consumers who chose this purchase channel in the last month of June, a situation that has put companies on alert and encouraged them to reassess their internal processes and customer service.

Photo: Ventures

In this sense, GSS Covisian Group, a leader in innovative contact center solutions, shows us how to address this challenge through five tips that will help to promote proper customer care after quarantine:

  1. Build customer loyalty. Companies must redouble their efforts to consolidate the commitment they have with their customers and achieve customer loyalty. Under this approach, the main thing is always to put them in first place, attending to their needs, anxieties and concerns, quickly and efficiently, relying on their contact channels, which must be available 24 hours a day. This could generate immediate positive results, since they evoke a unique empathy for the client.
  2. It promotes omnicanality. Although direct contact between the client and the company is indispensable, it will be necessary to choose under which channel this will happen. Nowadays, conversation is very present in digital sales through omnicanality solutions, such as Vivocha, a technological tool that allows accompanying the customer to solve his doubts under new voice, video and chat interaction modalities in which multimedia contents can be shared.
  3. It holds Webinars and videoconferences. These new platforms of close interaction have become a suitable channel to solve the most recurrent doubts of our clients. Although, through specific themes, the company can better offer its products and provide essential information about the company’s processes, something more important than this is to provide the customer with valuable content, which contributes significantly; and offers a new experience that leads them to continue consuming the product or service being offered.
  4. Work as a team. To provide a good shopping experience, the team needs to manage the same working methodology. For this, it is necessary to generate spaces that allow to know, in real time, how the processes are being executed and what is expected from them. For this, there are technological solutions such as Sparta AI, which allows alignment with the advanced business KPIs of clients, such as loyalty, quality and others, allowing all team members to stay connected, improving their productivity, saving costs and time.
    1. The testimonials speak for you. Remember that a bad testimony about your brand will remain on the Internet indefinitely and could be used at any time. That is why it is important that good service is sustained over time in order to always generate testimonials that favor the work of your company.

Proposing new forms of more agile and effective interaction with the client will allow to maximize the general conversion rates. Therefore, if you have not yet thought about the importance of boosting your brand in this context of pandemic, these tips will be very helpful to promote optimal customer service, especially in this unstoppable increase in online activity.

Author: America-Retail