Touch. Taste. Experience.

Tucked away in the Southern Caribbean just above the South American continent lies a twin island nation that is a melding pot of cultures from around the globe. French, Asian, Indian, North American, Native American, British, Spanish, African and South American have all left their mark on this cultural gemstone. The result is a unique blend of creative talent that is reflected in our craft, food, art, music , writing and fashion.

Shoppe868 – named after the country’s unique numerical identifier, brings this treasure trove to the world. We are an online craft market dedicated to featuring products hand crafted by artisans from Trinidad and Tobago. The company is a private partnership that aims to provide small entrepreneurial craft-makers with an avenue to sell their products to international buyers.

Shoppe868 seeks out local artisans and promotes their products online as well as manages the logistics of their order fulfillment leaving the artisan free to be the master of their craft. Experience the world of ‘Trinbago’ creativity anywhere, anytime.

Enjoy the unique blend of cultures from across the globe that found a home in this tiny twin island republic, in our specially curated items hand-picked to satisfy your desire for that elusive taste of ‘Trinbago’ creativity.

From leather works, exotic bead and metal jewelry, chic authentic fashion to exclusive art pieces that add character to any room and gourmet treats that will captivate your taste buds —everyone will find something to tickle their hearts fancy.

Our artisans are the best at what they do.

Using techniques handed down from their forefathers combined with modern theory each cut, stitch, swirl, combination and pattern are done with perfection in mind.

With a wide net to cast to represent Trinidad and Tobago’s command of the creative, Shoppe868 brings to you an exclusive catalogue of written works by local authors, each exposing the life pulse of this ingenious land.

Welcome to a world of Trinidad and Tobago creativity.