More than 50 years of experience manufacturing high quality footwear.

Since our beginnings, more than half a century ago, we have stood out as a benchmark in the footwear manufacturing and distribution sector.

The company was founded by Don Julián Méndez Murcia with the creation of Dimo, S.L., being later Buler, S.L., until becoming Zapatos Artesanos de Elche, S.L. – Salvador Artesano.

Throughout our trajectory we have been deserving of the best guarantee: the confidence of our clients, suppliers and employees. Added to this is a corporate philosophy based on the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, which has allowed us to gradually grow and expand our portfolio with the creation of 5 recognized brands that have the backing of Salvador Artesano as a brand image. In this way we have been able to adapt to the needs of the clients of our time and consolidate ourselves in the footwear market, leading a highly competitive sector.

It should be noted that we are committed to the training and continuous improvement of our professionals and we incorporate new technologies in all our processes, as we are aware that they are the key factors to continue stepping strongly towards a path full of success that allows us to continue conquering new horizons.

We also carry out important work in commitment to society, such as our discounts for large families, unemployed, retired and disabled people, as well as social work collaborations with various organizations, including APSA, Emociónate, Apadrina un Árbol (Sponsor a Tree), De Mujer a Mujer (From Woman to Woman), etc.

At the moment, thanks to our contrasted experience and professionalism, we continue offering, with the illusion of always, a great variety of products that are distinguished by their marked quality in all our stores at national level.