Responsible shopping as a fusion of tourism and trade in the Basque Country

The Minister of Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs, Sonia Pérez Ezquerra today presented the event “Responsible Shopping Tourism” as the culmination of the Tourism Week that has taken place from 8-12 July. Basque firms, designers and craftsmen have come together in this event that highlights the uniqueness, sustainability and attractiveness of products from the Basque Country for tourists.

Photo Willian Justen
Photo Willian Justen

The Minister recalled that tourism and trade total 236,000 workers, representing 25% of employment in Euskadi and 17% of GDP. “In addition to be an engine of activity, local trade contributes to the social and territorial cohesion of our towns and cities, and brings identity and uniqueness to our neighbourhoods”.

“For this reason,” he continued, “we must foster the strengths of both sectors and generate synergies. The result must be a product that we are going to promote and develop, the so-called Responsible Purchasing Tourism in the Basque Country”.

 “Euskadi has the opportunity to take advantage of this market trend and promote and develop its authentic and unique purchasing experiences. Shops that add value to our tourist offer while at the same time reinforcing, and even defining, their brand of tourism and positioning” he highlighted.

Responsible shopping tourism

The Basque Country has top-level brands that advocate a unique, sustainable product with its own identity. In order to give value to these companies with their own shops throughout the Autonomous Community, the Department of Trade and Tourism of the Basque Government has launched this event which has brought together Basque firms such as Zergatik, Betolaza, Kionita, Eder Aurre, Amarenak or SKFK presenting their proposals on the catwalk located outside this Maritime Museum of Bilbao.

The parade was complemented by a small representation of the creations of Basque brands of international prestige such as Sophie et Voilà, Mar Cadarso, Amaia Txabarria, Minimil, Mercedes de Miguel and BOX San Sebastián who also bet on their own cultural identity and sustainable development in the development of their product.

After the intervention of the Councillor, the Deputy Councillor for Tourism and Trade Isabel Muela presented the responsible shopping guides that have been developed in each of the provinces along with representatives of all the Federations of Euskadi: Maite Balmaseda, the manager of Gasteiz On Patricia García, and Jorge Aio, manager of BilbaoCentro