Ranking of retailers with greatest social impact during the pandemic

Mercadona, Lidl and Carrefour, – in this order – have been the food distribution chains that have best connected with the consumer through social networks in Spain during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the latest Epsilon Icarus Analytics Panel referring to the brands with the greatest visibility and impact in the second quarter of 2020.

Specifically, the chain chaired by Juan Roig obtained a result of 42.83% (a figure referring to the combination of the average percentage of interactions, percentage of virality quota and percentage of interactions through external channels).

“The ranking of the distribution sector is led by Mercadona thanks to the interactions generated by a community of followers that viralizes the products it launches at the point of sale”, explains Epsilon Technologies, whose classification places Lidl and Carrefour on the podium, already quite far from the leader, with 14.14% and 13.11%, respectively.

Photo: Kapusnak

Aldi is in fourth place, with a score of 8.33%, followed by Consum (2.50%). The top 10 most relevant food distribution in social networks during the second quarter of 2020 is completed by Ahorramás (2.47%), Covirán (1.91%), Eroski (1.90%), Alcampo (1.76%) and HiperDino (1.51%).

Analyzing the retail sector as a whole, the report places Chollómetro and Westwing in first and second place, respectively, ahead of Mercadona, Ikea, PC Componentes, Primor, Druni, NYX Cosmetics, Lidl and Carrefour.

“These companies have understood the important role that social networks could have in the context of the crisis caused by the Covid-19 and have focused on carrying out a large number of draws and competitions, both in their own profiles and in external channels, through collaborations with influencers and prescribers”, they point out from Epsilon Technologies.

The most successful draws have been linked to products used in the home (leisure, technology, personal care, cosmetics). The rise in the ranking of Leroy Merlin (+13), Aldi (+9) and Ikea (+8) stands out.

In total, retailers generated more than 26 million interactions in social networks in the second quarter of 2020, compared to more than 13.5 million in the consumer sector or more than 4.6 million in the automotive sector, which demonstrates the great strength of this sector in networks. In addition, Instagram stands out as the platform with the most interactions on its own profiles and on external channels (81% of interactions) followed by Facebook (15% of interactions) and Twitter (4%).

Author: America Retail