Queretaro: enotourism and shopping tourism

If there is something that differentiates wine tourism from other tourist segments is undoubtedly the intangible heritage that can be tasted in each glass.

Photo: Bernardo Ramonfaur
Photo: Bernardo Ramonfaur

The liquid element tasted at the foot of a barrel or in a vineyard is much more than a mere wine, it is landscape, culture, history, tradition and above all it is the passion of its people, its bottled identity.

When you visit the city of Querétaro for the first time, you will find an amalgam of well-ordered and well-kept tourist resources, people who rigorously tell you about its history and monuments, an unpolluted Historical Centre, its modern transport and congress infrastructures and, above all, when you talk to its inhabitants, you feel the pride in a job well done.

When you enter its fields full of vineyards, forty minutes from the city, or walk through the cobbled villages in the shade of a rock that in the fog seems enchanted, you realize that this land smells, tastes and breathes art, cheese and wine.

With an enotourist planning envied from the other side of the Atlantic, Querétaro has known how to provide the highest quality standards to its wines, as well as to the immersive experiences that make up its enogastrotourist calendar.

In addition, it has been able to accompany it with a tourist offer of purchases of products with cultural identity that puts in value the work of its craftsmen, its producers and its makers.

If the relative proximity to the Mexican capital feeds the entire territory with weekend visitors, its true potential is yet to be discovered, Queretaro wine tourism is a great diamond that needs to be further polished.

The amalgam of boutique hotels with charm and exquisite service, their wonderful Haciendas, full of legends and stories, where all kinds of celebrations and all the corners with character and tradition that dot their wineries are, without a doubt, a differentiating element to design experiences a la carte for the private traveler, but especially for the MICE segment, national and international that would bring with it a deseasonalization of demand, currently very concentrated on weekends.

This type of traveler seeks connectivity, quality infrastructure, enriching experiences, good food and better wines, and Querétaro has it all.

Querétaro and its enotourism offer is a destination that exceeds the expectations of the traveler, creating memories in those who visit it and leaving poso in those who live and drink it.

Author: Zaida Semprun. Director of Makers – The Collection