Puebla (Mexico) Artisans affirm that tourists value their work

In the framework of the Intermunicipal Handicrafts Fair, producers assured that foreign tourists are the ones who appreciate the crafts the most.

Photo: Pablo Rebolledo
Photo: Pablo Rebolledo

Artisans from different municipalities of the state called on the people to buy the local, because those who consume more products are foreign tourists and nationals.

The above during the first Intermunicipal Handicrafts Fair held this weekend, which was attended by the municipalities of Huejotzingo, San Pedro and San Andres Cholula, Huaquechula, Atlixco, Calpan and Tecali de Herrera.

In an interview the cider producers of the municipality of Huejotzingo, said that foreign tourists are the ones who appreciate the crafts more, because the people of the state few manage to appreciate.

“The tourist from outside is the one who makes the sales, appreciates what we produce, local tourism does not, few make the purchases,” he emphasized.

He also commented that the day that achieved the highest number of sales was Saturday 23 November and Sunday 24 decreased sales, but it is important this type of fair to publicize what is done in Puebla.

In this exhibition there were handicrafts such as blanket clothing, woodwork, onyx work, Christmas Eve sale, preserves, ciders, seed products among others.

It is important to note that this is the first exhibition to be held in the capital, as a result of the intermunicipal committee that was formed by more than 10 municipalities of the entity.

Last Tuesday the fair was announced by the president of the commission of Tourism in the city council, Martha Ornelas Guerrero.

Author: Angélica Tenahua. Milenio.com