Portugal: 2019 Luxury Design and Craft Citation in Portugal

Design Crafts is a very special event for all lovers of Design, Architecture and Crafts. It is just one more reason among many to visit the wonderful city of Porto and discover all the arts and crafts that surround the essence of this contemporary design center. In this luxury event you need a new perspective for the most innovative practices of the design and crafts industry. As Covet Group makes a wonderful homage to the best craftsmanship that with the passing of time you have lost.

This is a project and a very important luxury event presented by Covet Group (represented by many brands, such as Covet House, Boca do Lobo, world-renowned brands) and takes place between 26 and 27 June, in Porto, Portugal. As a representative of some interior designers, architects, and winner of the Prtizker Prize, Álvaro de Siza Vieria. From creative minds to students and many others will be present at this luxury event to celebrate this 2nd edition of “Luxury Design and Craftsmanship Summit 2019”.

The main objective of this luxury event is to unite new and older connections, but it is also to strengthen the relationships for a better and perfect development between the most influential professionals and the main people of the market. Covet Group also presents the latest trends and strategies that all companies and people can use to help make an important business. And to the same extent there will be lively debates stimulated by keynote speakers, panel sessions and individual interviews, as well as live presentations and workshops by master craftsmen.

You can count on this Luxury Event an immersive experience to discover why so much we talk about exclusivity and authenticity these are the core values claimed by many luxury brands around the world.