It weren’t her distinguishable eyebrows that Frida Kahlo stand out and that were the most representative about her, it was her way to seeing the world.
Frida Kahlo, beyond the artist, today represents a symbol of thought not only for the women of Mexico but also for inhabitants of the most diverse corners of the world regardless of their gender, race or nationality.
Under her eyebrows the futurist view of the empowerment of the current woman and the urgent need to promote gender equality in our days existed.
That’s how Vive Frida was born, the first project licensed by the Kahlo family, which offers a unique route through Mexico City following the steps of Frida, by the hand of the Mexican women.
At the same time, Vive Frida is the platform that offers to get to know and support the work of Indigenous women through their handcraft, their textile confections and their seasoned gastronomy, fomenting the cultural identity of Mexico.
Vive Frida is an organization that will in the short, medium and long term detonate a series of initiatives related to the promotion and diffusion of the cultural richness or Mexico, cured by eyes that have been inspired by the view and personality of Frida Kahlo.


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