My Adventure Story is an innovative tourism product, which aims to provide a unique visitation experience of a place. An emotional and exploratory experience, with the characteristics of a Game; a Game full of History, Culture, Heritage, Routes, Discovery, Registration and Sharing.

With My Adventure Story, as if we have become a character, following clues, observing, thinking, making surprising discoveries, and learning a place in a dynamic, fun and shared way.

In this adventure we are never alone… we will have an adventure companion (character created to interact throughout the game), and much sharing of emotions!



Our story

Ana and Luís, two architects fascinated by the spirit of places, by the discovery of their history, heritage, culture, and simultaneously enthusiasts of stories in the transmission of emotions and knowledge, imagined how interesting it would be to create exploratory visits, where the books of stories would guide us in the discovery of places.

The idea was growing and walking, with the conviction that it had to be realized!

In the stories there are always decisive moments in which a new character appears, and everything changes and happens … in ours was also so. Ana and Luís met António, they shared the idea, and this meeting boosted the implementation of My Adventure Story, changing forever, the experience of visiting places!

And that’s how together, we invented a new way to know and experience the world!

Our story doesn’t have the traditional ending … it’s renewed in every place, in every book, and in every visitor!

Your story

My Adventure Story is your unique experience of visiting a place; it involves History, Culture, Heritage, Routes, Discovery, Registration and Sharing, in a dynamic and fun way, just like a game!

During the visit, you will become an adventurous character, following clues, observing, thinking and making surprising discoveries. Through augmented reality you will have a companion, who will help you reach the end of the adventure.

With My Adventure Story, you can gather family and friends, and live unforgettable experiences of visiting the places.

Once you’ve experienced the adventure, you’ll want to share it with others through the book you finish with records, drawings or photos.

And you already know there’s always a new adventure waiting for you, a new place to meet and explore!

With My Adventure Story the end will always be: – until the next adventure!

How to Play

Buying the book My Adventure Story you can start your adventure!

The book is your visitation story, your guide to discovering a place, contains all the necessary information, as well as an application of augmented reality.

It’s a precious object, carefully designed, with exceptional graphics, full of illustrations and observations, but also with spaces reserved especially for you, where you can put your records, drawings, photographs and more that your imagination wants, making it unique and personal.

The book is also the memory of the lived experience, making it unforgettable!

To the traditional book we associate the technology of augmented reality, in this way we make your adventure even more emotional. On the Mobile or Tablet you can install an augmented reality application and view additional information to reality, for example a historical building that no longer exists, a video of an important event, or something that still does not exist, making our experience richer and more complete. Through technology we create fun, associated with knowledge and experience.

Let’s experience it! Let’s Play!)

Tourist Destinations

My Adventure Story represents a new dimension in tourism.

We lead in the present the tourism of the future, with the creation of a unique and differentiated way to boost the tourist destinations.

With My Adventure Story we create stories about the history and authenticity of regions, cities and places, and generate innovative and competitive tourist destinations.

We stimulate the connectivity between the tourist, the places and the communities that constitute them, making the tourist experience authentic and participative.

We promote tourism for all, adapting the adventures to the different markets and tourism segments.

Through technology we add more intensity to the tourist experience, more richness to the content and information transmitted, and simultaneously explore the past, the present and the future not yet visible.

We collaborate in a close relationship with governments, tourism entities and municipalities, leveraging and exploiting the distinctive assets of each country and region, creating new visitation dynamics in line with specific needs and objectives.

We are also the partners of groups and hotel establishments, or tour operators who want to provide their customers with memorable experiences, creating adventures tailored to the companies and their objectives.

It is with great enthusiasm, creativity and dedication that we develop My Adventure Story ! – The adventure can start anywhere…!

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