District 41 brings together the best shopping area, hotels, restaurants and art galleries of Madrid. It is a set of streets sculpted by the style of the inhabitants and the visitors from all over the world, a sum of innumerable values ​​that create the essence of an exceptional place.

District 41´s main objective is to be an added value for Madrid as a city and especially within the shopping and leisure sector, a privileged hall for those demanding travelers who appreciate quality. An area delimited by Madrid´s most unique streets of the Barrio de Salamanca: Serrano, Velázquez, Jorge Juan, Lagasca or Claudio Coello, among others. An area that grows, innovates and generates that great value that only talent and quality can create. A combination that looks to the future while retaining the cultured and cosmopolitan form that flows between the streets of this district.

Its exceptional cuisine, museums, art galleries and the best national and international fashion firms are the forefront that forms the essence of District41, the golden square mile of the Barrio de Salamanca. The city´s most attractive territory that brings together some of the most spectacular events in Madrid. Men’s fashion night out, Saint John´s Day or its flower markets in spring and Christmas, convert this area into a benchmark, in which, the best boutiques and restaurants, open their doors to an audience eager for unique experiences and singular spaces.

It is the sum of innumerable values ​​that make up an exceptional place, aimed at a high-end tourist, faithful, interested in gastronomy, culture and well-being; the visitor who chooses shopping destinations, such as District 41.

More information: www.distrito41.es