Paraguay: New bridge with Brazil will boost shopping tourism

According to businessmen and representatives of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce (Fedecámaras) of Estel City, the second bridge over the Paraná River will be very beneficial for shopping tourism in Ciudad del Este.

Asunción, IP, foresee an important growth in shopping tourism in Alto Paraná, with the construction of the second bridge over the Paraná River.

The Itaipu Binacional informed that the new international footbridge is designed to support the traffic of cargo trucks, which will allow a greater flow of light vehicles and tourist buses through the Bridge of Friendship.

This fact would propitiate an exponential growth of shopping tourism, resulting in the economic and social development of the region.

The president of the Fedecámaras, Tony Santamaría, maintained that the density of occupation of the Bridge of the Friendship, mainly in peak hours, harms enormously the entrance of buyers to the departmental capital.
Model of the second bridge over the Paraná River that is already under construction Photo: Itaipu

He said that, with the second international bridge over Paraná, production through the maquila will double, as investors will see the Alto Paraná as a key point to settle, because of its land proximity to Brazil and because they are guaranteed the exchange of deep-sea transport.

“Ciudad del Este is the gateway to the largest amount of shopping tourism in the country and the catcher of a significant flow of foreign exchange that enters Paraguay. The second bridge is an outlet for traffic circulation and of course it will help a lot in that, through the Bridge of Friendship, we visit a greater number of tourists,” he said.

Santamaría said the second bridge creates expectations of solving traffic congestion to the city, giving tourists the opportunity to enter the country in their own vehicles.

“The second bridge will also make it easier for Paraguayans to visit the border between Foz de Yguazú and Puerto Yguazú (Argentina) without delay when required, as they will have more speed and less time invested in their favor. It is a step for the progress and development of the Alto Paraná and the country,” he added.

Among other points, the businessman said that the business associations are already beginning to design cooperation plans with the municipality to study development actions for the area.

“It is estimated, of course, that all the guilds and the government authorities themselves implement what is necessary so that the installation and operation of the second bridge really reflects progress,” he said.

The deadline for completing the second bridge between Paraguay and Brazil over the Paraná River is 35 months,