(Paraguay) Ciudad del Este, 10,000 tourists expected for “feriadão” in Brazil

Brazil has announced a new long holiday called “feriadao” for Corpus Christi Day, celebrated by Catholic parishioners on June 16, which they call a holiday or travel day because they leave out Friday and the weekend is used for tourism. A large number of tourists are expected in Foz do Iguaçu for the weekend.

Long holidays are the ones that give a bit of oxygen to commerce because they always improve the movement and sales, according to those responsible for many shops.

“On a long holiday like the one coming up, we usually expect around 10,000 tourists,” said Juan Vicente Ramírez, businessman and director of the Ciudad del Este Chamber of Commerce and Services.

“These long holidays in Brazil always make a difference for a tourist destination, there is a greater influx of people, there is always curiosity to go from Foz do Yguazu to Ciudad del Este,” added Ramirez. However, he reiterated that the entire commercial sector has been complaining about the lack of a campaign to promote the city as a shopping destination.

Ciudad del Este still lacks a team to promote the positive image of the city, in the public sector we have no participation in the promotion of the city; large companies invest in advertising in Brazil, make packages with hotels, but we need a city promotion from the public sector, campaigns more appropriate to our characteristics, either by Senatur or the municipality; was what Ramirez mentioned.

At the state level, nature tourism is promoted a lot, but there is not the same work for shopping destinations. As for the Municipality of Ciudad del Este, it does not do any work to promote shopping tourism.

The real problem of the capital of Paraná is the image of neglect and abandonment of the commercial micro-centre, with streets in very bad condition, dirty all the time. Despite the superficial cleaning of some arteries, there is disorder in vehicular traffic and pedestrian circulation. In the commercial centre it is normal to find streets where vehicles and people circulate in the middle of the vehicles.

Juan Vicente Ramírez said that this is why it is not only necessary to promote the campaign from the public sector, but also to address the content, which already has to do with improving the image of the city in its functioning.

“A tidier, neater image, so that from the moment they arrive at Aduanas, those who come feel a sense of security, a friendly way of receiving them, we are friendly, but we must make them feel that with actions. The city must be tidy, painted and not in a state of neglect and decay. The state sector needs to take this into account,” said Juan Vicente Ramírez.

Mobile phones, home electronics, various devices for the modernisation of homes, perfumery, electronic cigarettes, receivers, equipment and accessories for video games, are the products that are among the most demanded and that continue to attract buyers to Ciudad del Este, according to shopkeepers when asked by La Nación – Nación Media.

Although mobile phones are the star products, representing 30% of sales, electronic accessories for the home have shot up in the preference of visitors, according to shopkeepers consulted. They say that the modernisation of the home with new devices on the market generates a lot of attraction in Ciudad del Este’s commerce.

Another trend is the creation of department stores in order to stay in the market, because the shops with only a certain category are being left behind. Diversification in order to exist is the premise, according to consultations in the commercial sector.