Orange Economy: President Ivan Duque holds meetings in Silicon Valley

President Ivan Duque is visiting Silicon Valley, where the Government will seek alliances and cooperation agreements with technology companies to boost creative and technology industries. Among the executives of firms that will meet with the president is the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook.

Photo: Ivan Duque and Tim Cook
Photo: Ivan Duque and Tim Cook

The objective of this meeting will be to make an evaluation of the agreements initiated during the working meeting in Davos, Switzerland, with which new opportunities are sought “for the implementation of programs of the multinational Every Can Code and Every Can Create, in initiatives such as the centers Sacúdete (led from the Presidency of the Republic), and in the Colombian education sector. In addition, issues such as digital appropriation for citizenship for people with disabilities, for the prevention of climate change and also the responsible use of ICTs will be discussed,” explained the Presidency in a statement.

After his meeting with Cook, the President will meet with Cisco directors to discuss the incorporation of digital media in education and to ask them to participate in activities of the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution that will operate in Medellin. “The creative industries in Colombia are going to become a very powerful engine for the entrepreneurship of young people,” Duque said.

In his agenda, he will be accompanied by the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, José Manuel Restrepo; the President of ProColombia, Flavia Santoro; the Presidential Advisor for Innovation and Digital Transformation, Víctor Muñoz; by the President of iNNpulsa, Ignacio Gaitán; and by the Minister of ICT, Sylvia Constaín.

After the talk in Cisco, they will move to Google’s offices to learn about the artificial intelligence projects, internet access for rural areas and the cloud that the company is developing.

Also, there will be a visit to Seattle, where the President will meet with the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, with whom he also hopes to seek strategies to support the growth of the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the support of the multinational to the National Development Plan and the digital transformation in Colombia.

Following this meeting, government representatives will move to Amazon’s headquarters, where he will meet with Amazon Web Services President Andy Jassy.