Omnicanality: Stores of the future “will generate experiences and relationships” with brands

“It is necessary to adapt the store to the evolution of the client, to his level of exigency”, said the CEO of Carrefour Spain, Rami Baitiéh, in a recent event.

Photo: Nik Shuliahin
Photo: Nik Shuliahin

“The customer has always changed, the only thing that is happening now is that it changes faster than ever due to technology,” said Baitiéh, who pointed out that, as a result of the transformation of consumers and their new needs, Carrefour hypermarkets have introduced a new space for “families to have fun,” said the America-retail site.

The CEO of Worten, Miguel Mota, also participated in the same round table, for whom “the physical store will continue to exist in the future, but its role will be different from the classic one, as it must bring experiences and relationships with brands”. For the president and CEO of Tendam, Jaume Miquel, the store “is not an isolated element, but a part of the ecosystem that, along with digital operations, must offer customer experiences.

On the other hand, Ikea Ibérica’s general manager, Petra Axdorff, has emphasised that her company faces the challenge of offering a better omnicanal response to its clients’ requests, “to whom we must offer a satisfactory response in everything they ask for”.

For the CEO of Carrefour Spain, the main challenges are focused on “using less plastics in products and packaging, boosting digitization and boosting the human relationship, as we are in a profession of service” and added that “we have a vocation of service, to love and help people, all we do is to respond to the needs of our customer.

“Fashion has to be reinvented”, said Jaume Miquel, specifying that it must face up to factors such as climate change, which is conditioning purchases, and adapt to technology, offering a new relationship to the customer that allows profitability to be achieved.

“We are privileged, because in 3,000 years of commerce we are living, right now, the most important transformation,” said the president and CEO of Tendam, for whom omnicanality offers a great business opportunity, since “an omnicanal customer consumes 60% more than another that is single-channel.

In any case, the manager has recognized that a badly executed omnicanality is “a strainer”, which makes it necessary to “properly manage the combination of data and fidelity”. For Miquel, “the great advantage today is that there is no longer a single standard in retailing”.

Author: Iproup