Nazareth International Group

N.I.G Nazareth International Group is the bidding company and responsible before the world for carrying out the construction of infrastructure in the city of Nazareth. The same one was also designated for the construction and exploitation of the first cable car of this city. it is our responsibility to work in the infrastructure and planning of public works, The same ones compose in the construction of a Unique Stadium of Soccer, Multi space for diverse sports, schools, Universities opened to all the students of the world without distinction of religion and creed. among other works.

Nazareth. is the most populated city in the Northern District of Israel, in the southern foothills of the mountains of Lower Galilee, 10 km north of Mount Tabor and 23 km west of the Sea of Galilee. It is currently the city with the largest Arab population in Israel, with an estimated population of 76,551 at the end of 2017, 60% of whom are Muslims and the rest are of Christian belief (40%). It is a city of special relevance to Christians because, according to the canonical gospels, the years of Jesus’ private life took place there.

Together with Natzrat Illit, a city created in 1954 in the municipality of Nazareth, declared an independent city in 1974 and inhabited by 40,596 people in 2017 (80% of whom are Jews), it forms an urban nucleus of 117 147 people, mostly of Judeo-Christian beliefs (52%) and Arab ethnicity (72.27%), with considerable minorities of Muslim beliefs (48%) and Jewish ethnicity (27.72%).


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