General Direction of Tourism, Commerce and Consumption of the Government of Navarre

Entities that work for Commerce and Tourism in Navarre

The Directorate General of Tourism, Trade and Consumption of the Government of Navarre is a public body whose aim is the territorial development of Navarre through the promotion, promotion and management of tourism, trade and crafts, encouraging cooperation between all the agents involved, both public and private, in order to improve the competitiveness of the sector.

In addition, one of the collaborators that promotes the value of the local agri-food product of Navarre is the public company INTIA (Navarre Institute of Agri-food Technologies and Infrastructures), in charge of the promotion and marketing of the products of the different quality designations of Navarre as well as the Reyno Gourmet brand.

The agri-food product and craftsmanship are our hallmark.

Navarre offers tourists many alternatives for making purchases: big brands, souvenir shops, independent firms… but where the tourist can really “touch” in some way our identity and our essence is in the purchase of artisan and agri-food products.

And why? Because many of these products, protected by Denominations of Origin and with international recognition, tell us about our geography, our traditions and trades, our culture, the pampering and good work that our ancestors put in it and that still survives today… and they will probably be one of the best memories we can take with us on our return trip.

Navarre strives to offer quality products and is committed to health and nature, which is why it has a high level of organic production. And this work philosophy sets us apart and encourages us to continue growing along these lines so that the product that those who visit us take with them is rich and also healthy.

But we want to go further…

Not only do we want you to take something good with you and share it, but we also want you to get to know its history and why, in some of the gastronomic museums or through the guided tours offered by the sector. And that they live authentic experiences, immersing themselves and approaching the products in many ways; some fun, others innovative, others interesting, others surprising…

Our shopping list is very natural and invites to the good life…

Thus the cheese with DO Roncal or Idiazábal, tells us about the mountains and the Pyrenees, the latxa sheep, the transhumance and the Cañadas Reales, the shepherd’s embroideries… In fair recognition the town of Uztarroz has dedicated a museum to it and some of the producers invite us to get to know their world closely through interesting activities.

Chorizo and txistorra are a classic from Pamplona and a bit from all over Navarre. How simple and tasty! You will find it everywhere in the shops of the capital and in the shops of the villages.

And Navarre wine, with double DO Navarra and Rioja, tells us about the Middle Zone and the Ribera, its wineries, its museum and its vineyard fields, which can be explored by quad or buggy, or on foot if you take part in the harvest. There are many enotourist activities on offer. And how can you have a drink of wine in the local style? Buying a leather boot, steepening the elbow and with good aim!

In this area we find another delicious product that is the oil, which also has its museum, but the real protagonists of the Ribera are the vegetables, acclaimed by Ferran Adrià himself. The olive groves and extensive orchards such as the Tudela mushroom characterise the southern part of Navarre, an endless plain irrigated by the river Ebro, where some of the stars of regional cuisine sprout: asparagus, peppers, artichokes… In addition to tasting them in local restaurants, it is possible to take them with you as souvenirs in the form of preserves by buying them in local shops and gourmet shops, as well as in the canneries themselves. The village of San Adrián, whose history has been closely linked to the canning industry, has paid its well-deserved tribute with the opening of “La vieja fábrica” (The Old Factory).

And we have talked about the usual points of sale, but we can add to the list the weekly markets of the towns and cities, where we can buy fresh produce, and the multitude of events and festivals that are held throughout the year in Navarre, where there is never a shortage of stalls with the best sweets, cheeses and sausages in the community.

And of course craftsmanship, which elevates everyday objects into small works of art.

In addition to agri-food products, we cannot forget the traditional artisan products that are identified as an essential component of the historical and cultural heritage of our territory. The craftsmanship of Navarre is an expression of identity and cultural value that brings an added attraction to the tourist.

From forging to wood, from stone to vegetable fibres, from leather to ceramics, from jewellery to glass, tourists can improve the quality of their experience in Navarre by enjoying guided visits to craft workshops or buying products as significant to our land as the wooden kaikus, Lax gloves, cowbells, horseshoes, wine barrels… Hand-made objects that tell stories, show the evolution and passage of time and enable tourists to experience and be an active part of Navarre’s tradition.