MSMEs craft, tourism and local development strategies

Photo by Kamila Maciejewska

This paper aims at studying workshops and establishments specialized on typical handcraft products in an urban touristic destination such as Córdoba.

The study focuses on the synergies and connections of those with its recent urban and socioeconomic dynamics and the tourist activity of the city.

In the same way it is analyzed the geographic location of those establishments, the categories of the marketed products and its real visibility in the local touristic offer through different routes, specialized establishments, visits to different workshops and other channels.

From the analysis carried out, we infer that despite the important potentials of the traditional handicraft for the consolidation and positioning of Cordoba as an excellent cultural tourist destination, there is low integration or link between handicraft businesses, the city and the urban touristic offer.

This requires a redefinition of its commercial and sustainable strategies and an adequate inclusion into the value chain of the touristic and commercial offer of the city.

Finally, some proposals of public-private strategic management are provided.