Misiones (Argentina) purchase boom of Brazilians and Paraguayans

Food and beverages, the most sought-after products. In Encarnación, Paraguay, sales fell by up to 70%.

Trade in border cities such as Posadas and Iguazú, in the province of Misiones, is still linked to the exchange rate, and now you can see again the patents of Brazilians or Paraguayans who daily cross the bridges that link the provincial capital with Encarnación (Paraguay) and Iguazú with Foz de Iguazú (Brazil) in search of all kinds of goods, mainly food and beverages.

Photo: Jonatan Lewczuk

The dollar at 62.50 pesos in Misiones, as well as the real at 15 pesos and the guaraní at 9.15 pesos makes the flow between countries grow, this time with an additional benefit for Argentine traders.

The neighbors who arrive at Posadas do so with a selective demand: Paraguayans acquire mainly oils, cleaning products and toiletries. Meanwhile, Brazilians who arrive at Iguazu stores buy wines, sparkling wines and some food.

At the same time, Paraguayans use and load fuel, which is cheaper and of better quality.

From the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Posadas pointed out that the demand in this opportunity is more restricted because “their economies are not optimal either”.

While Iguazu merchants argued that Brazilians are inclined “to wines and some flours because, despite the exchange rate difference, “there are still some cheaper foods there.

Paraguayan and Brazilian tourists are the main consumers of Argentine products in the city of Las Cataratas. In fact, the border crossing of citizens of both countries is not only carried out by the bridge Tancredo Neves, but also, to avoid the lines in Migrations many motorists cross by the balza that joins the cities of Iguazú with Franco (Paraguay).

“There is a commercial fever of citizens of both neighboring countries in Iguazú,” say the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of that city.

“The clients come from Paraguay and Brazil, because all the time people are looking for a better price.

As for the products with the highest demand are wine, cold cuts, cheeses, dairy products and other basic products such as oil and sugar.
Paraguayans, in Posadas

In Posadas wholesalers you see more Paraguayan consumers. Due to the advantage of the exchange rate, it is convenient for them to carry a variety of merchandise.

“Dairy products are one of the groups most required by consumers,” said the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Posadas.

Traders in the central area of Posadas recognized that demand from Paraguayans was increasing in recent days. And from the clothing and footwear sector they valued that for a long time there has not been such an influx of both Paraguayans and Brazilians.
Wailing in Encarnación

Newspaper portals in the Paraguayan city of Encarnación say trade fell by 70 percent. “The majority of Paraguayans decide to cross the bridge and buy goods in Posadas,” say merchants in that neighboring city.

Autor: Alejandro Fabián Spivak. Ambito