Mérida, an attractive shopping destination on the Yucatán Peninsula.

Each urchase of the yucatecos and visitors will become a saving, with quality and guarantee.

The beginning of the so-called cheapest weekend of the year was held at Ultra Hogar de Plaza Las Américas.

Mérida, Yucatán, November 15, 2019 – During the next four days, Mérida will become an attractive shopping destination, to continue maintaining the leadership of the commercial capital of the Yucatán peninsula, with the start of the ninth edition of El Buen Fin, which will be held from Friday, November 15 to Monday, November 18.

With the first purchase at the Ultra Hogar store in Plaza las Americas, began the so-called cheapest weekend of the year, in which more than 8,000 companies participate.

The President of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism (CANACO-SERVYTUR) of Merida, Michel Salum Francis, stressed that during the days of the program each purchase of yucatec and visitors will become a savings, with quality and guarantee.

Accompanied by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, who bought a toaster oven, and the Mayor of Merida, Renan Barrera Concha, who purchased a frigobar, and the General Director of Ultra Hogar, Victor Manuel Alcocer Ceballos, the business leader stressed that Merida is consolidated as the commercial capital of the southeast, with several shopping malls, department stores and brands recognized national and transnational, which represent an attraction for buyers from other states, including Central America and the Caribbean.

In recent years, the Yucatan capital has shown a growth in the creation of companies in the service sector, of various turns, which motivate people from other parts to come in search of them.

“In Canaco Mérida we are very proud to add to El Buen Fin businesses affiliated to this chamber and other business organizations, which allows local and foreign consumers to choose goods and services from a wide catalog of businesses,” he noted.

Salum Francis, who bought two speakers, indicated that in Yucatan there are more than 8,000 points of sale participating in El Buen Fin, which are distinguished by having the red and white sign, so that shoppers can identify where they will find from now until Monday, November 18, offers and discounts ranging from 10 to 60 percent, as well as promotions when paying with their credit cards.

In this great event, he said, yucatecos and visitors will be able to purchase white goods, computer equipment and cell phones, clothing, shoes, vacation packages, airline and truck tickets, lodging, jewelry, medical and professional services, among others, he said.

For this edition, CONCANACO, promoter and organizer of El Buen Fin on behalf of the business sector, put into service a digital strategy so that consumers do not have to move from one business to another to find out the prices of the item they want to buy in the cheapest weekend of the year.

“By means of a technological platform El Buen Fin 2019 CONCANACO SERVYTUR, buyers from all over the country will be able to know by city the participating businesses, offers and promotions and which are the businesses closest to the home of those who intend to buy something during the cheapest weekend of the year.

This mobile app, which is already available free of charge for download on Android devices, has a catalogue of more than 623,000 products and 26 million prices to date, and it is estimated to reach 30 million prices on the days of the program.

Michel Salum said that the success of this great commercial party in Yucatan is the result of the effort of entrepreneurs, and the momentum it receives from federal, state and municipal authorities, who again joined and offer various promotions and discounts on payments and surcharges on tax penalties.

In addition, both the State Government and the Municipality of Merida advanced a percentage of the Christmas bonus to their workers, which guarantees the circulation of money this weekend.

He highlighted the participation of the security forces, who over the next four days will be responsible for ensuring the peace and tranquility of the thousands of people who go out to buy in the so-called weekend cheaper than the year.

The President of CANACO Mérida called for responsible consumption to go out and buy with planning in order to take full advantage of the offers and promotions that take place exclusively during the four days of this event.

The event was attended by the secretaries of Economic Development and Labor and Public Safety of Yucatan, Ernesto Herrera Novelo and Luis Felipe Saiden Ojeda, respectively, as well as the Subdelegate of Prodecon, José Alberto Pinto Escamilla, in charge of the office of Profeco in the entity, Sisely Burgos Canto, the local administrator, and the secretary of the Ministry of Labor and Public Security of Yucatan, Ernesto Herrera Novelo.