Australia is a huge, prosperous, multicultural country, and along with other countries it is part of Oceania, the sixth largest in the world. It is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, the Southern Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, and is separated from Asia by the Arafura and Timor Seas. In this noble nation there are beautiful cities including Melbourne, capital of the state of Victoria.

Heidi Fin
Photo: Heidi Fin

The city of Melbourne is an important center of trade, industry and cultural activity in Australia, when you visit it you get lost in its long streets and countless shops, its architecture is identified with classic designs and modern skyscrapers that will surprise you.

It is important to point out that any tourist who visits Melbourne will undoubtedly do some shopping in the different centers and commercial establishments, since they are icons of the culture of the entity, which is definitely a transcendental incentive for the practice of tourist activity.

Welcome services for visitors make them become nice strategies that motivate tourism in the city, and consequently shopping becomes attractive; this is so in shopping centres like Emporium Melbourne, Royal Arcade, Bourke Street Mall, Southgate Melbourne, Collins Place, DFO South Wharf, Melbourne Central among others, you will be able to acquire diverse products of different national and international brands, articles with special prices, like fashion accessories, clothing, jewelry, handbags, perfumes, toys, indigenous art; as well as restaurants that will delight your palate.

So from ultra-modern to classic, boutique to big-box, Melbourne’s vibrant retail environment is full of brands, products and tempting shopping experiences – some local, some world-renowned – that are geared towards meeting tourists’ needs.

Other popular shopping spots, including Vietnamese noodle stands, Greek taverns and Australian pubs, line the main streets of Richmond, which is a food and culture-diverse neighbourhood full of trendy bars, farmers’ markets and shops, whether big chains or small boutiques. An important aspect to take into account are some of the popular neighborhoods of the region because in them you will find from rooms where you can stay, restaurants and shops that will contribute to meet your needs some of them are:

The Central Business District or the downtown area, it is important to take into account. There are many apartments where you can rent rooms. Normally the buildings have a swimming pool and a gymnasium, this neighborhood is where most of the city’s activity is concentrated.

South Yarra, is a fashionable neighborhood but with a much more peculiar style. There are many rooms available and the area is connected to the center by train, so it is best to stay close to the station. It has a lot of activity as it has shops, bars, restaurants where you can find everything.

Fitzroy, is the hipster neighbourhood par excellence. Modern, young and expensive, you will also find shops, bars and restaurants in which they will satisfy the demands of tourists.

If you don’t like the neighborhoods to spend the night during your tour, here is a list of some hotels you can choose from when you decide to stay: Pan Pacific Melbourne, The Hotel Windsor, Crown Metropol Melbourne, Travelodge Hotel Melbourne Southbank, Travelodge Hotel Melbourne Docklands. All of these are suitable for everyone’s taste in rest, leisure and recreation.

Similarly, it is necessary to highlight some important tourist sites in Melbourne in which you can spend pleasant moments among them stand out:

Federation Square: where the main cultural attractions, various events, tourism experiences and an extraordinary range of restaurants, bars and specialty shops are presented, making it a modern venue for the city to meet.

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria: attracts large numbers of visitors throughout the year, it is a valuable part of Melbourne’s cultural life. With its prodigious views, lakes and diverse collections of plants, the gardens are a place of continuous discovery and delight for tourists, it has great attractions that children might want, which motivates them to explore and discover the natural world: plants, rocks that can climb and a bamboo forest. The garden’s guides point out to visitors the special features, excursions and activities to meet their needs.

Melbourne’s beaches can also surprise you, so they’re an excellent choice in the summer, so we’ll mention a few where you’ll spend a different day:

Elwood Beach: Its waters are clean and calm, you’ll find it’s relatively active, as it’s very common to see athletes windsurfing, cycling, playing cricket or walking.

Parkdale Beach: the water is clean and very calm, which also gives you the opportunity to walk quite far from the shore, without any danger.

St. Kilda: is the ideal place to disconnect by taking a walk along its palm-lined coastal path, watching the people and enjoying its views of the bay and impressive sunsets, it is also a perfect place for sports.

For all these reasons, you can’t miss the opportunity to get to know Melbourne, in this impressive city you will have all kinds of benefits, you will know its culture, gastronomy, traditions, economy which will make you live an unforgettable experience.