Madrid (Spain): Gastronomy, culture and shopping, the services most valued by tourism entrepreneurs in the city

The offer of luxury and services to travel with children are those that get a lower valuation by employers.

Culture and gastronomy are the services most valued by businessmen in the Spanish capital, according to data collected in the 2018 Business Perception Survey of the Centre for Tourist Intelligence in Madrid Destination.

Centro de Inteligencia Turística de Madrid
Madrid Tourist Intelligence Centre

Specifically, more than 94% of professionals in the tourism sector in Madrid consider the city’s gastronomic offer to be good or very good, while 91% give the same ratings to the cultural offer.

The shopping offer is the third most valued (85%), followed by leisure, which gets 84% of good or very good ratings.

On the other hand, the offer of luxury services is the one with the lowest rating: almost 15% consider it deficient, while nearly 11% value negatively the offer to travel with children.

Very good rating of hotels

In terms of infrastructure, hotel accommodation in Madrid is rated as good or very good by the vast majority of those surveyed (85%). For 80% the transport infrastructures are good or very good and more than 88% have a high esteem for leisure infrastructures.

Regulated extrahotel accommodations and event and meeting infrastructures obtained the lowest score. Nearly 22% value the city’s business infrastructure as deficient or very deficient.