“Less clothes, more Europe”: fashion on the warpath against Easy Jet

The fashion industry in Spain has spoken out against the airline’s message for the next day of Black Friday, which urges consumers to buy less clothing.

“Less clothes, more Europe.” The Spanish distribution association has shown its “enormous unease” against the low-cost travel company Easy Jet, which sought with this claim to publicize their promotions for Black Friday.

From the National Association of Large Distribution Companies (Anged), which groups companies such as El Corte Inglés or Tendam, has sent a letter to Easy Jet which reproaches the phrase.

“Saving the legitimate commercial interests of your company, we do not think it appropriate to ridicule and damage in an advertising campaign the image of another sector that precisely faces the main period of sales,” said Alfonso Merry del Val, president of the Anged, in the letter.

Merry del Val has expressed that fashion is a strategic sector and of enormous relevance for the Spanish economy. “In this campaign, which harms their advertising messages and begins with Black Friday, is going to increase by 15% hiring in the segments of youth employment, first employment and women.

In addition, as spokesman for the association, the executive has stressed that the trade sector as a whole, and in particular fashion, is an absolutely future binomial with tourism, with which synergies can be established.

“As you well know, shopping tourism is today one of the main stimuli to attract international travelers to large cities, increase tourism spending and boost new employment opportunities and activity,” said Merry del Val.

In the communiqué, the association reached out to the airline and expressed the possibility of joint actions. “We believe that there is significant potential to generate synergies between the two sectors instead of generating unnecessary confrontation.

The Anged president’s paper concludes by urging Easy Jet to retract. “I would be grateful if you could consider our arguments and avoid any action that could cause undeserved harm to the Spanish fashion sector.