Lao: Handicrafts, sustainable tourism links explored

Officials from the Tourism Development Department of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism met with members of the Lao Handicraft Association in Vientiane yesterday to discuss linking handicraft products with sustainable tourism practices and services in an effort to boost both industries.

Photo: Peter Hershey
Photo: Peter Hershey

Deputy Director General of the Tourism Development Department, Mr Thaviphet Oula, told those present that this was the first meeting between the department and the association.

“Participants will be able to stimulate discussions and collaborations that could result in innovative new products and designs that are of higher quality and which will better suit the needs of tourists,” he said.

“Handicraft producers and members of the tourism sector will also have the opportunity to speak with authorities about current challenges to the handicraft and tourism sectors in specific locations. Today is a chance for collaboration to occur in considering ways to support the marketing of handicraft products at tourist sites,” Mr Thaviphet added.

The meeting was supported by the GMS-Tourism Infrastructure for Inclusive Growth Project, under the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism.
Mr Thaviphet and President of the Lao Handicraft Association, Mr Hansana Sisane, co-chaired the meeting.

The Lao Handicrafts Association is currently preparing for the Lao Handicraft Festival 2019 which will be held in Vientiane from October 26 to November 3.
It is expected that over 100 of the finest handicraft producers in the country will exhibit products during the week-long festival.

Silk and cotton products, textiles, jewellery and pottery items will be among the many locally produced handicraft items for sale at the festival this year.
Fashion shows, craft demonstrations and product design competitions will also be on offer.

Author: Keoviengkhone Bounviseth. Lao Press