Keys for Argentine tourists’ vacations to become more accessible in Uruguay

Photo: Rafael Lellermann
Photo: Rafael Lellermann

Here are some keys for Argentine tourists traveling to Uruguay in the coming months:

  • You don’t need dollars to travel to Uruguay. Pay with debit or credit cards, the expense is debited in pesos from your account and at the official exchange rate. You can also obtain important discounts of taxes and promotions in the cases in which there were.
  • Take advantage of all the promotions of the cards and those of the Uruguayan State. In gastronomy, the most convenient thing is to use the debit and credit card, because they discount the VAT (22%), which is reflected in the same ticket.
  • Use ATMs to withdraw cash and Uruguayan currency (with the current limitations of the Central Bank), since it is the official quotation, which is always lower than in exchange houses. You have to ask the bank to enable the card to operate abroad.
  • If you travel by boat, you can purchase your tickets and accommodations with a card in pesos and installments. And if you transport your car by ferry, ask for benefits in the payment of tolls.
  • If you travel by car, remember that you have a 24% discount on fuel at service stations located a maximum of 20 kilometers from border crossings.
  • Take advantage of the 300 products of the “tourist basket” that the Association of Supermarkets agreed with the government that will not suffer increases, including yerba mate, sugar, cookies, rice, noodles, tuna, mayonnaise, soft drinks, milk, yogurt, butter, ice cream, etc..
  • You can make purchases in an important chain of Internet stores from Argentina, in pesos and in quotas. Then you pick them up in Uruguay or take them to the address you indicate.
  • Enjoy everything that Uruguay offers for free: its beaches, its tranquility, the kindness of its people, and the many and varied shows that are offered at no cost.
  • There are accommodations that keep the 3 x 2 and the 4 x 3 in stays. And if you take into account that in hotels the VAT is 0% (it is already discounted), the prices end up being very convenient.
  • Paying with debit or credit card the rental of real estate and cars you get discounts (10.5%), which transform it into very competitive values.
  • With the discounts and benefits provided by the government of Uruguay, prices are similar to those of tourist sites on the Argentine coast, both in meals and accommodation.

Shopping tourism: Between card discounts and the Tax Free regime (14.5%), which expanded the number of products, purchases in Uruguay have affordable prices. In some cases even cheaper than in Argentina.

The tax free system provides for the refund of 80% of VAT (14.5%) on a range of items purchased by non-resident tourists in participating shops (the form must be requested at the time of purchase). Upon leaving the country at one of the border crossings, the corresponding procedure must be completed to be reimbursed at the duly identified posts. The refund is made effective on the credit card.

If you go to Punta del Este do as the Uruguayans do, compare prices and you will find offers. Buy fish at the port and fruits and vegetables at the fairs.

The trap does not affect tourists traveling to Uruguay.

Despite the Argentine government’s exchange rate clamp, tourists traveling to Uruguay will not be affected to any great extent by these provisions.

The new trap that was set up in Argentina generated numerous consultations, especially among those who are planning the summer vacation 2020. But the restriction is only for the purchase of dollars, does not apply to purchases made with debit and credit cards abroad, which will not have any extra surcharge.

– Abroad you can pay by debit without limits (at the rate of the dollar on the day the transaction is made).

– You can pay by credit card without limits (at the rate of the dollar on the day the statement closes)

– You can withdraw dollars or other foreign currency in cash with a debit, provided you have a dollar account. If you do not have it, you can only withdraw u$s 200 if it is in pesos.

– The extraction of dollars with credit cards (what is called “advances”) will have a limit of u$s 50 dollars per month, although banks usually charge commissions for this transaction.

– As far as purchases of tickets, packages, hotels, and so on are concerned, as long as the contract is made with a card, both prior to the trip and at the destination, there are no restrictions or caps.